A week in the North Country and the world still turns

English: A bowl of Cheerios

English: A bowl of Cheerios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blacks held rallies nationwide in protest of Travon Martin’s killer getting off Scot free.

President Obama commented on the case and this caused an explosion of tea party heads across the country.  Some of their racist comments were/are outrageous.  Here is a link to 20 of the worst we have seen so far. You may want to click on it for shits and giggles.


The MSM is working on getting the public to accept the SYG law.  Saw a segment on local tv last week telling us how 20 some states have similar laws. It appears to me they were suggesting that the law is acceptable by most states. Not mentioning the fact that this law and most if not all laws implemented by Republican controlled states are written by ALEC. ALEC is another story for another day.

And Rolling Stone cause quite a furor with their cover showing the Boston bomber as a good looking young man.

Lastest poll has 65 percent of American’s being upset with the cover.  Many are refusing to buy this magazine, some that may have actually bought the magazine at some time in their life; who knows?

The story inside appears to be worth the read, tries to explain why and how a seemingly nice guy could end up being such an asshole.

I have never looked at an issue of the magazine and most likely never will but from what I see and hear on the internet I think the public is overreacting.  And I also think this was a bonanza for rolling stone much like the mixed race marriage thing that Cheerios did.


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