The world we live in

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves (Photo credit: rwoan)

Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will go to his grave believing with all his heart and soul that he did the right thing.  He will most likely die a young man via lethal injection, electrocution, hanging by the neck, drone attack or whatever method the United States government is currently using to perform what some call justifiable homicide on citizens that go against the rules.

He will very likely sing out “Praise be to Allah” or some other Muslim chant just prior to dying but, in any case he will die at peace with himself having convinced himself that he did the right thing.

Much like the jury in Florida believed George Zimmerman did the right thing in killing a teenager.

You see our values are based on the world we live in. Not the actual physical world but the world we have created through experience, training and to some extent inherited traits in our minds.

We often hear things like “Why do people vote against their own interests?” The best reply to that is they are not voting against their own interests. Their interests are based on the world they live in.

Many people have accepted their lot in life as it is, the poor white folk living in a trailer park live in a world best described by Kacey Musgrave in her song Merry go Round.

These people go to church where they are taught to praise the lord and accept life as it is and vote Republican for the “family values” they support. And yes these people will also go to their graves believing they did the right thing.

The young black living in an urban environment festering with unemployment, drugs and prostitution lives in a different world where the only way out athletic prowess or dealing drugs.  To survive in this environment you join a gang and this of course speeds up the process of decay.

This is put to music by Elvis Presley ,

These young men also live in a different world, they see little in the future.   Many will go to an early grave believing they did the right thing, or perhaps the only thing is their case.

Think about this and get back to me with your ideas on how we can help these people get to a better world.


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