More on Detroit and the royal baby

Detroit Fox Theatre

Detroit Fox Theatre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning, after reading the angry comments coming from outstate residents concerning Detroit’s bankruptcy I turned on the tv and watched the extravagant display in celebration of the birth of a future King of England.

The contrast shocked me to some extent and even more so when a talking head in London held up a newspaper with the headline “WOMAN HAS BABY”.

The angry comments were posted on the internet under the protection of anonymity and should be taken as such.

Knowing that comparing the pomp and circumstance attributed to a royal birth in London with the lack of compassion for Detroit’s demise may be a stretch, I am showing this as being a world condition.

The problems faced today are in fact not just local but a worldwide problem as evidenced by the turmoil going on worldwide.  It seems that most every day brings us news of another demonstration somewhere in the world.

What if we were to compare the state of Michigan’s Republican controlled government willingness to provide support to a private business to the tune of $15 million and their unwillingness to help Detroit?

In writing yesterday I was somewhat ambivalent regarding the situation questioning if this was an engineered bankruptcy and stating probably not as an answer.  However upon further review I am now of the opinion that yes this is another example of an engineered bankruptcy designed to get the city out of their prior commitments. Much like private corporations have been doing since the bankruptcy laws in this country were revised to favor corporate interests while decreasing private citizen protections.

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and must be saved for all of Michigan’s benefit.

We must all strive to reach outside of our individual worlds and lend a hand of support to our fellow humans in their time of need.

It is time to put an end to the era of greed.


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