Snyder gets bump in polls after Detroit bankruptcy filing

Tim Skubick has a column in today’s mlive stating Governor Rick Snyder’s favorability rating has gone up from 34 percent last June to 41 percent in the most recent poll taken by the Conservative Intel Poll.

Skubick goes on to say this poll did not ask if this was a result of the bankruptcy action taking place in Detroit but suggests we follow the dots.

This brings many questions to this inquiring mind.

First, is this really a poll or is it just another case of push polling? Possibly, with the Conservative Intel Poll being the pollsters.

Second, are these the same group of pollsters that convinced many that Romney was going to win?

Third, one wonders how those polled would have responded if they were asked about the state spending $400 million of their tax dollars to build a new stadium for the Detroit Red Wings.

Story here…

Before you reply with this new stadium being an economic boost to the economy you may want to read the following.

Why Do State and Local Governments Subsidize Sports


Public subsidies for new stadiums and arenas are commonly justified on the

basis of economic benefits they will confer on the local economy rather than on

public consumption externalities or on the value of an enhanced community

image. Yet there is virtually no evidence of any perceptible economic development

benefits from sports teams or stadiums.

Emphasis mine.

Link to full report….

Susan J Demas, another columnist on Mlive.

Calls out Snyder for his double talk in Detroit’s bankruptcy, pointing out the many times Snyder has said bankruptcy is not an option for Detroit.

You all may want to read this column which reveals in detail Snyder’s scandalous actions.

Weather still nice here enjoy the day!


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