The Arabian Spring is alive and well in the United States

Moral Monday demonstrator

Moral Monday demonstrator (Photo credit: twbuckner)

This action probably began with occupywallstreet; a group that was squelched in infancy by the corporate controlled police forces in America in conjunction with the homeland security agency.

Link to pepper spraying cop…

Well not actually squelched but forced to change their tactics.

Reading the links provided will show how this organization started to make the country become aware of the inequalities taking place in every facet of life.

Rally Wisconsin

In Wisconsin Walker’s police are now arresting tourists in an attempt to maintain control.

In North Carolina Moral Mondays have been successful in their efforts and will most likely come back with a vengeance when the legislators come back in session.


“What we have found since we have done Moral Mondays, less than one out of five North Carolinians now agree with the legislature. Moral Monday is more popular than they are. The governor’s poll numbers have dropped over 20 to 30 percent.

fast food workers strike

As I write this there are fast food workers across the nation walking out in protest of the starvation wages they are being paid.


“With the Occupy movement and discussion about the 1 percent, people are much more aware about the increase in inequality,” Janet Currie, an economics and policy affairs professor at Princeton University, in Princeton, New Jersey, said during an interview. “There are a lot of people right at the top of the distribution who are doing better than that segment of the population has since the 1920s, and that’s driving a lot of the income inequality.”

All of these actions are part of the U.S. Arabian Spring, perhaps more subtle than that performed in the Mideast but similar action indeed.  And they will continue and most likely grow more robust perhaps even becoming violent.

Unless the elected officials in our local, state and national government stop listening to the Koch brothers and the Wall Street money changers and begin listening to the people.

Like the Kingston Trio said many years ago, “The whole world is flustering with unhappy souls…”

I applaud and support all these actions in any way I can, please join  me.


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