In Defense of NSA

Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Marylan...

Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland. Español: Instalaciones generales de la NSA en Fort Meade, Maryland. Русский: Штаб-квартира АНБ, Форт-Мид, Мэриленд, США (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never thought I would be defending the National Security Agency after hearing of their actions in spying on us regular folk but…

It has been brought to my attention that NSA has uncovered a group that has been slowing creeping into our society for the past 30 to 40 years.

This group has but one goal and that goal is to destroy America!

Knowing that an armed attack on America would be meant with a force too powerful to beat, this group planned a more subtle, almost silent attack.

The plan was to quietly move into our society joining groups such as the PTA, the Boy Scouts of America and other civic minded organizations. Doing so would allow them to be recognized as “good” citizens.

Once they had infiltrated society enough they continued on their mission by recruiting volunteers to join them in their efforts.

This group also began taking control of the media. This required the expenditure of vast amounts of money but the group was well backed by wealthy individuals and the takeover was actually easier than expected.

Once the media was in their control they began the project of instilling a mistrust of government in the citizens of America. The methods used were subtle and almost undetectable and are still being used today with success.

Ie. After the Zimmerman trial The Stand your Ground law in Florida was in the minds of many. The media coverage of this told us how many states had similar laws, 22 I think. Inferring “well if we have the same law it must be ok.”

Meanwhile the subversives among us continued in their efforts; breaking up unions and any like minded groups that were liable to impede their progress, creating a dislike for almost anything public, education being a primary target.

All of these activities were orchestrated and planned by some of the best human behavior experts available and have been quite successful to date.

They are well trained in their subversive tactics and are progressing well.  Following the plans laid out to them in numerous clandestine meetings behind closed doors.

NSA has used their investigative talents and spying techniques to uncover this dastardly group and has released a statement which includes the name they are currently operating under. They are calling themselves Republicans.



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