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English: President Barack Obama throwing out t...

English: President Barack Obama throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for the 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MLB just suspended some players for using PEDs.

In discussions with a couple of fellows these responses came up.

One said we should not ban peds, we should encourage them. The game would be more exciting as all players would be juiced and playing with extraordinary abilities.

Another suggested we should make a rule allowing every team to designate one player eligible to use peds, this would level the playing field and give the fans what they want 500 foot homeruns and so on.

Personally I think peds should be punishable with lifetime suspensions but that is just me.

In Florida three 15 year olds were taped kicking the shit out of a 13 year old who reportedly snitched on them for trying to sell him drugs.

This incident can produce much discussion, if the MSM picks up on it. And it appears the MSM will let it die rather than let it be discussed.  Unseen forces squelching the story?

Anyway some have suggested this could have been avoided if the bus driver was carrying a gun? Have they seen the video? The bus driver is black. A black man carrying a gun in Florida is border line on being against the law.  Methinks it would be almost as hard for him to get a gun permit as it is for him to vote in this state.

But this is all actually moot; the three youths have all admitted their guilt and have accepted JESUS as their savior. They are considering running for congress soon. So all will be forgiven and they have a good chance of being Florida’s Representatives.

Internationally the terror threat still looms large in the Mideast. The U.S. has responded with closure of embassies and of course Drone attacks?

President Obama has told the world he is pissed off and will not be joining Putin for a game of “My Dog’s bigger than your Dog” next month.

As Hemmingway said “The Sun Also Rises”

Have a nice Wednesday everybody. 🙂


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