Michigan politics for a Friday morning

Insert DeVos caption here

Insert DeVos caption here (Photo credit: jystewart)

At the county meeting last night we had a couple of fellows from Lansing address the group.

One was from the Senate and suggested the Democratic Party can regain control of the senate. He said the Republican Party collected 3 million dollars in campaign contributions last year. Of this amount 1 million came from a single individual Dick DeVos of west Michigan.

DeVos appears to be Michigan’s Art Pope building his private fiefdom much like Pope’s in North Carolina.

Those of us who follow politics have known for some time now that Snyder is DeVos’ puppet and is following the plan laid out by the radical right wing in bankrupting schools and cities in our great state.

The gentleman from Lansing then passed out forms asking for donations to circumvent the mighty dollars of DeVos.

Show me the money, money, money. ????

Dylan Ratigan started a group http://getthemoneyout.com

I just went to link and found they are still around but they only have a little over 277,000 members; less than 1 percent of U.S. citizens.

IMHO we will need to get the money out if we expect to regain control of our government from the corporatist now in control. What do you think?

And now something about the other young man…

The young man from the House of Representatives also said there are districts in our area where we can pick up seats and regain control of the house. These are historically Democratic districts and can be won back from the Republicans with some good campaigning.

This young man did not ask for any money at this time but he did ask for names, addresses and so on of supporters of this cause. Can a request for money be far behind?

Personally I am waiting to hear more of what he (they) have planned in their efforts.

How many times have we all heard someone say “they vote against their own interests”? I have been guilty of using the phrase myself. But no more, these people are not voting against their own interests.

We, as Democrats have attempted to place our interests on them. How successful has that been?

If we expect to get their support we must find ways to address their real interests.

Help me out here friends. Let us define their interests and determine how we can best use those interests .

Well enough for today the weather is too nice to spend the whole day inside on a computer.

Get outside and enjoy!


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