Local news coverage???

The Grand River. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Amway...

The Grand River. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Amway Hotel Towers Building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have 3 television stations that provide us with local news. I usually watch WNEM channel 5.

In last night’s late news they had a short segment showing England’s Prince William telling everybody how handsome his child Prince George is.

Being the critic that I am of newscasts I posted this note on their facebook page.

“do a lot of your viewers care that the baby in England is cute?”

This brief query brought a question from one of my facebook friends, Dawn.

Dawn said “What’s this Larry?”

Another poster, Brigette posted a note “I think that there are probably a lot of cute babies in England. “

My critique of this stems from my feelings that local news is also under the control of corporate powers and consequently tends to provide us with pap versus real news.

If they were really doing their job they would do a story about how the Republicans in Michigan’s state senate are sitting on their hands or vacationing abroad while the Medicaid expansion bill gathers dust in Lansing.

Majority Leader Randy Richardville, (R) Monroe, said “There are times when you move legislation quickly, and times when you don’t.”

We all remember when they moved the ALEC and/or DeVos supported right to work(for less) law through in the dark of night with no hearings at all. This must have been one of those “quick”times???

Having attended one of the hearings on Medicaid expansion I heard words from a lady representing the Michigan Chamber of Commerce who received responses from Senator Dave Hildenbrand (R) Grand Rapids.   They actually seemed to be carrying on a conversation about the evil Obamacare law.

Anyway both of these people spoke at length about the cost of implementing this bill. At one time explaining how private insurance would be more than 9 percent of employee wages resulting in a fine for the employer. I wonder if anyone considered paying the workers a living wage so their insurance would be less than 9 percent of wages.

As stated above the main focus of this presentation was cost. Not a word was uttered about the welfare of the 470,000 people that are hoping for coverage under the expanded Medicaid.

And when WNEM TV5 starts airing segments about these issues that really matter to the citizens of our community I will stop posting sarcastic notes on their page.

Have another good day everybody.


9 thoughts on “Local news coverage???

  1. Hahah I hope you have a lot of sarcastic comments on standby because I dare say that is not going to happen any time soon! I am waiting for the same thing to happen here..


    • yes our battle never ends. There was a lengthy article with comments on Daily Kos related to how the media is controlled. basically talking about how we in America don’t know what is going on in the world but we do know what the Kardashians had for lunch. could not find the link but it confirmed what has been discussed here.


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