Republican control of State Governments?

Scott Walker was on Moanin Joe yesterday morning. He was asked why the states seem to be doing so well as far as electing Republicans and at the national level they seem to be struggling.

He responded saying something like this. In the states the Republicans are making bold moves whereas the national Republicans are basically doing nothing, just being the party of no.

Currently Walker’s capital police are arresting citizens on a daily basis.  Some of the recent victims include a firefighter, mothers with children in tow, grandmothers and a journalist just doing his job.

In North Carolina the governor’s bold moves have brought on “moral Mondays” a growing demonstration protesting such moves.

I cannot speak in great detail to what is going on in the many states the tea party backed candidates took control, however I can address some of the issues/events in Michigan.

Rick Snyder ran as an outsider a businessman with the acumen required to get Michigan back on the right track.  This along with the outrage being felt by tea party folk at having a black president gave Snyder the victory.

Had Snyder spoke the truth, telling the people of Michigan that he was going to do the following his election may have been a failure.

Snyder failed to tell the public that he was going to give billions in tax breaks to business paying for this by cutting funding to education, taxing seniors pensions, decreasing property tax credits for homeowners and cutting back on earned income credits for low income people.

Snyder failed to tell the public that he was going to take over cities and school districts, bankrupt them and eliminate or decrease the pensions of retirees.

Snyder failed to tell the public that he was going to sign a right to work (for less) bill thereby decreasing working people’s ability to have a voice in their employment.

Snyder failed to tell the public that he was going to increase co-pay for health insurance among public school teachers, in effect giving them upwards of a 20 percent pay cut.

Snyder has claimed his moves were intended to improve the business climate in Michigan with increasing employment being a result.

Michigan currently stands at 4th highest in unemployment of all states, hmmm?

Now let me add this.

These Republicans were not swept into office because of their bold moves; they were swept into office as a result of Barack Obama’s election to the presidency.  This election fired up the tea party types and they came out in force to elect the radicals we now have running our states.

Hopefully, we can remove these radicals in the next election.

Please join me in this effort. Thank you and Carpe Diem!


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