Great day at the rally in Lansing

English: The former Castle Station post office...

English: The former Castle Station post office, which is now the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History, in Saginaw, Michigan, United States, is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We started out at about 8:45 am leaving Saginaw in a bus provided by the good people of SEIU.

Picked up a few more in Flint and then on to Lansing where we met with additional people; had a light lunch and then off to the capital building.

We went to the third floor of the rotunda and enjoyed chanting and general cheering. As near as I could tell our only audience was a few security type people and perhaps some tourists.

We then entered the senate galley where we were told to be quiet and take a seat. Making noise and standing in the galley is not allowed.
The senate was is session and passed a few minor amendments. The Republicans in control then decided it was time to recess for lunch. After returning from a three month vacation they were hungry.

This did not sit well with our group and we began chanting “Time to vote, time to vote, time to vote” We were gaveled and told to remain quiet or we would be taken out of galley. We sat quietly for a few minutes and then began to chant again. “Time to vote, time to vote, time to vote.”

At this time we were escorted out of galley, we all went peacefully and no problems were observed.

We did stop in rotunda for another series of chants, mixing them up this time to entertain the state police that had joined us.

One officer was standing within striking distance of me so I reached out and shook his hand telling him “we are doing this for your benefit too.” He smiled at me as if to say I understand.

On our way out I bumped into Brian Wood a reporter for WNEM tv5 in Saginaw. I said hello to him and he asked me if I could answer a few questions. Of course I told him yes.

He asked me what group I represented and I told him I represent myself and am not a member of any group although I did come down with the SEIU. I also told him I was here to help the 4 to 5 hundred thousand workers in Michigan that do not get paid enough to afford health care insurance get assistance in obtaining same.

Maybe unfortunately, He misunderstood me when I said I represent myself because when the clip was shown on the 5 o’clock news he introduced me as someone with health problems who would be helped by passage of the bill.

I say maybe unfortunately because I am thinking someone saw me on tv5 and thought “gee that old gray fart looks like he needs our help.”

We then left the capitol building and went to present the first of three “Crackpot” awards. This is a really neat event. We have a couple of guys dressed as tea party crackpots and they read from a scroll giving typical tea party gibberish. An additional two awards were presented to two senators with offices in the capital building. I did not get the name of any senator receiving the awards but rest assured they were all well deserved.

There is a video link of this award presentation and if someone will send it to me I will provide it to you either here or pm or on facebook.

It was a great day but the senate Republicans are continuing with their chicanery and the bill still sits idle as of this writing.  At approximately 8 pm the bill passed the senate. Yahooo!!!

Running way long today, hope you feel the joy of the day as I did. And next time join me, it is a fun thing to do!


10 thoughts on “Great day at the rally in Lansing

  1. I enjoyed this very much! It reminded me of my school trip to Canberra where we sat in for question time. Being from Darwin, a few of my classmates weren’t exactly sure how one was supposed to behave in the gallery, and ended up heckling opposition member Chris Pyne (who is the equivalent to a pitbull) by saying “don’t bust a blood vessel mate” when he was cutting loose about something that had annoyed him haha. Our class group was immediately escorted from the gallery. There was a roar of laughter and claps from the major party though, a sort of “thank you” for saying what they were all thinking I gather!


  2. Good peace Larry. Wish I could have been thair with you than Brian Woods could have showmen two old gray haired old farts but.I dissent check my mail untilled laterand then it was to late. Dave .


    • Thanks for the reply Dave, will check your mail and continue to post invitations to future events. There is always room for one more on the bus. And if the bus gets full we will get another.


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