Story Time

Map of USA with Midwest highlighted

Map of USA with Midwest highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a make believe story so don’t pin my ass to the wall over some minor detail.

Fifty some years ago Jesus looked down from heaven at the small children in a small Midwestern town.

He looked down and saw the little girls in their frilly dresses having a tea party. They had set up their dolls neatly around the small table and placed the tiny cups and saucers in the correct positions. This was followed by exquisite filling of the cups and then drinking of the tea by all. On occasion the girls would take a small cup of imaginary tea and hand it to grandma or grandpa offering them a cup, the grandparent would drink the tea and thank the child for the delicious beverage. The gleam in the little girl’s eyes and beaming smile on their faces were worth more than money can buy.

Jesus then turned and looked outside where he spotted the boys playing a more active game of kickball. Some were also spotted splashing through puddles chasing frogs. These boys were laughing heartily as they played the time away.

Jesus also notice that some of the girls were not in frilly dresses, they had donned outdoor clothes and were playing with the boys and likewise some of the boys appeared to prefer the more docile activity of a tea party. But Jesus noted all were smiling and happy with what they were doing.

Jesus closed his eyes and smiled serenely. This is good, he thought and then Jesus slept.

Yesterday Jesus again looked down from heaven at the small children in a small Midwestern town.

But to his surprise Jesus saw no girls in frilly dresses preparing tea, he saw no boys joyfully playing kickball or chasing frogs.

Jesus saw little boys dressed in camouflage splashing through puddles carrying child sized assault weapons. There was no hearty laughter, just grunts and groans as they fell quickly behind a fallen log holding their weapons at the ready to fire at and kill the enemy.

The little girls were also dressed in camouflage and holding downsized assault weapons. They were on one knee in position to fire if necessary. Jesus saw no glint of joy in these children’s eyes, no warm smiles on their faces, rather he saw a cold steely eyed stare appearing to shout out “Kill or be killed.”

Jesus shook his head in disbelief. This is bad, he thought and then Jesus wept.


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