The way to stop Syrians from killing each other with chemical weapons is to kill them with bombs?

By the time this is posted we may have already started bombing Syria

Hopefully not, but I am writing this Thursday afternoon in anticipation of posting Friday morning. Change of plans, this is going out now, Thursday evening.

Have seen many videos of the chemical weapons used in Syria and the results.

Main Stream Media seems to be hell bent on stirring up the emotions of U.S. citizens in an effort to gain support for another “humanitarian” war.

Humanitarian is in quotes because that is one of my questions regarding this public relations effort sponsored by whom?

If we as Americans were truly concerned about atrocities against mankind why have we allowed such atrocities to take place in the world in such places as Darfur, Sudan, Somalia, Myanmar, Ethiopia and many other countries?

Why are the atrocities taking place in these countries not being broadcast on the nightly news?

Is the American public selective in their concern for humanitarian rights? Or are they being led into a selection?

And I also ask who stands to gain from American involvement in Syria’s turmoil?

Well the military industrial complex for sure; those cruise missiles go for about $1.5 million ea. This does not even include all the supporting war material manufactures.

And of course two of the three groups fighting to overthrow Assad are Al Qaeda associates with strong ties to Iran.  So one would guess they would gain from our support.

Military experts have stated that a quick strike with missiles and air force bombing would not achieve the intended goal but would merely send a message to Assad. So is the next step boots on the ground?

A few reasons not to get involved include:

No end game.

Not clear what actual affect of limited strikes would be.

United States does not like either side in this conflict.

Red line of chemical weapons has already been crossed as noted in White House press conference.

Our bombs will not stop the killing of civilians.

Come on fellow Americans join me in putting a stop to this senseless waste of resources both in materials and life. Turn off your television, write or call your elected officials tell them that enough is

enough, take to the streets and shout it out! “NO MORE WAR!!” This constant war mongering is an insult to all of us.

Here is a list of anti war demonstrations scheduled for this weekend, if you cannot participate drive by and give them thumbs up!


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