Fast Food Workers Strike For Living Wages


Laborer (Photo credit: M. Pratter)

Many fast food workers in the U.S. have joined in a nationwide effort to get paid a living wage. This action has brought numerous comments from various sources.

Most of the responses I have seen have been negative. Some asking how much a burger would cost if these people were paid $15 an hour.

Others compared their personal wages to the wages sought by these teenagers in their starting job.

A private in the U.S. army does not make this much.

I worked for XX years and never got paid that much. And so on.

For the record, McDonalds pays their workers in Australia $15 an hour and according to The Economist their Big Macs sell for anywhere from 6 cents to 70 cents more than American Big Macs.

In France the workers are paid around $12 an hour, no data on cost of Big Macs.

Last time I was at a McDonalds I saw as many adults working as teens. Starting jobs?

Our military has been underpaid for years; many qualify for food stamps and additional welfare benefits.

All workers in America have been working for stagnant wages for the past 20 years or so. This is the result of many actions including the elimination of union work forces and the trickle down economic plan of Reagan.

As a retiree living on a fixed income I support Senator Tom Harkin’s (D) Iowa goal of increasing Social Security benefits.

I urge anyone who is a U.S. citizen to contact your Senator and ask them to support Harkin’s bill.

And to all the folks that have expressed dismay at the workers trying to get an increase in pay I say.

Rather than trying to drag those people down why don’t you work at lifting them and yourselves up?

Enjoy the LABOR DAY weekend. A holiday provided courtesy of union workers years ago.


5 thoughts on “Fast Food Workers Strike For Living Wages

  1. I have no direct experience with McDonalds, however in Canada the Labour Relations Board takes a dim view of employers who don’t tow the line. In B.C. minimum wage is $10.25 an hour. I nearly fell out of my chair when I learned American workers aren’t paid overtime after 8 hours – only after 40 hours in a week. After 8 hours a Canadian worker is paid time and a half, after 12 – double time. It’s the law that every worker have a minimum 36 hours free from work in a week – if not, shifts must be paid at time and a half. I could go on but you get the picture. Happy Labour Day 🙂


    • Thanks for the reply, In America the National Labor Relations board has been somewhat neutered by the Republicans and their refusal to allow a third member to be appointed. They used to have power but currently are almost negligent. Not all workers have to work 40 hours before qualifying for overtime but, there is a move afoot to make this a law. And one thing I forgot to put in this blog was my opinion that “if we want our economy to rebound we have to get some money in the hands of the workers who will spend it rather than those that just salt it away in the Cayman Islands.”


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