Another day, another crisis

English: Depiction of the House vote on H.R. 3...

English: Depiction of the House vote on H.R. 3590 (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) on March 21, 2010, by congressional district. Democratic yea Democratic nay Republican nay No representative seated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Originally my desire was to avoid this discussion. To me the whole thing is nothing more than political bull. But I cannot stick my head in the sand anymore.

Surfing the channels this morning shows much gnashing of teeth and bloviating regarding the government turning off the lights at midnight tonight at the same moment the affordable care act turns on the lights.

The irony is amazing. How can anyone of sane mind listen to the bs coming from our house of representatives and have any confidence in our government is beyond me.

A minority of radical Republicans in the house has complete control, and unless Speaker John Boehner grows a pair and stands up for what is best for the United States of America, we are in for a dismal future.

Come on Speaker Boehner, the affordable care act passed through congress and was signed into law by the president. It passed an examination by the U.S. Supreme Court; it has survived over 40 attempts at repeal.

Isn’t it time you told your caucus to change their diapers and get on with doing what you were elected to do?

If you do fail to do your job, you and all other members should be fired for incompetence. This should result in all members of congress having to go on unemployment and possibly apply for food stamps.

Well, I can dream can’t I?

Enjoy the dream friends and enjoy the day.


Wanna Bet?

Gambling odds reflect the average bettor's 'de...

Gambling odds reflect the average bettor’s ‘degree of belief’ in the outcome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning thoughts focused on gambling in America. This may have been stimulated by a recent trip to the casino or perhaps going to the club last night to participate in the drawing which is nearing $20,000, as the pot goes up each week. No winner last night means next week’s prize will most likely be $21,000 or more.

Thinking back, I recall as a child I was under the impression that gambling was, if not evil, at least stupid. Evil was perhaps a bit much given the weekly (illegal) bingos put on by the Catholic churches. You see, when I was a child the only legal gambling available was betting on the horses or going to Vegas.

This of course excludes the gambling in the stock market. An activity pursued by those with ample assets since about 1792 when the New York stock exchange was created, but that is another story.

For the “common” folk there was the numbers racket where one could bet small amounts (a dime) in hopes that their number would come up for the big payoff or maybe they would buy a ticket in the Irish Sweepstakes. And I believe one could buy tickets to wager on weekly football games both college and professional. It is my understanding that the number was the last three digits of the Dow Jones Industrial average each day and the Irish Sweepstakes had something to do with a horse race. All of these forms of gambling were illegal and prosecution of them was more likely than prosecution of the Catholic bingos.

It is my understanding that gambling has been around since Adam and Eve when Eve purportedly said to Adam, “Bet you can’t eat that apple.”

In 1972 the good people of Michigan decided rather than let the Mafia and like-minded thugs get all the money from the suckers that bet daily on numbers, they would legalize it and reap some of that easy money. This money would be used to help support our schools thereby decreasing the tax burden on the citizens.  This action opened the doors and removed the stigma of gambling, the Catholic churches would no longer have to close their eyes to their illegal activities, they just had to get a license and carry on. They did have to give a portion of their profits to the state but it was a relief to not have the darkness of sinful living on their souls.

Most recent count shows 26 casinos in Michigan, each sharing their profits with the state and local governments.

Gambling on lotteries has become a nationwide event with Megaball and Superball games crossing state lines. Casinos can be found in almost every state in the union.

Of interest to me is the coincidence of the surge in legal gambling in this country began about the same time as our national government went to the trickle down economic philosophies of Ronald Reagan.

Could it be, this has become the only hope for the mathematically challenged to legally rise up from the poverty they were born into?

Could this be the one percenters “let them eat cake” statement?

Think about it!

And after thinking about it consider this… I kinda like Detroit Lions laying 3 today to Chicago Bears. 😉

Friday funnies

The Muslim brotherhood is still taking to the streets in Egypt. Cannot read Arabic so I do not know how they compare to America’s tea party folk.  Is there a spell check for Arabic anyone?

And the U.S. has put bombing Syria to stop them from killing each other on hold for now.  This has created stress for war mongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham. However, they are conferring with additional war mongers in relation to Pope Francis’s recent statements regarding gays, birth control and poverty.

Would an invasion of the Vatican be considered rude, they ask anyone who will listen?

The Koch brothers are still seeing success in their efforts at getting half the people in America to fight with the other half.

And, still flying under the radar, the TPP moves forward like a stealth bomber in the night. This has been referred to as NAFTA on steroids by some, yet we hear nothing of it from the MSM?

In Michigan, Rick Snyder continues lying to the citizens, stating he has not decided to run for re-election, while his just released campaign video runs in the background. We cannot blame him for using this technique it has proven so successful for him in the past. (Never tell the public what you are really going to do.)

Politics today

After posting a couple of things on Facebook yesterday I got some responses that should be shared here.

First post was a sarcastic statement; Egypt has banned the Muslim brotherhood citing their disruptive tactics and general actions being not in the best interests of the country, maybe the United States should do the same with the tea party.  This brought a couple of comments, the first being in support  “I marvel that Republicans who voted for tea party candidates still have not connected the dots.” The second from a possible tea party member said simply “No, with Obama”

My response to the second was “So you prefer the people who are trying to deny health care to millions of American citizens?”  I am still waiting for a reply to this.

The second post was a link to a Samuel Jackson interview in Playboy magazine. The headline “Samuel L. Jackson slams Obama: ‘Stop trying to relate and be more presidential’” This link was posted because of a statement at the end of the article

“Despite being an avid user of social media and having nearly 3 million followers on Twitter, Jackson says that signing petitions on Facebook and Twitter won’t get things accomplished the way physical protests used to.

“You need to have your physical body out there in the streets and let these people — and the rest of the world — know. When our antiwar movement led the world, it was because people could see us in the streets, see our faces, hear the protest music,” he explains.

“You can’t do that sh– blogging in a room. I can’t see you on your keyboard. I can’t see you sitting there in the dark. Things happen when people get out in the street.”

This is the message I was trying to get out to my friends on Facebook but to my chagrin some just looked at the headline and let me have it for not supporting the president. They suggested Republicans would take this headline and have a heyday with it.

Lesson learned, if you want to share something on FB, make sure the headline fits your intentions or just share the clip.

In other news Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder has already started running campaign ads for the election which will be in about 13 months. Does this mean the Republicans are scared or do they just have an overabundance of DeVos money?

Still in Michigan the Republican controlled legislative branch has passed a bill restricting the public’s first amendment rights. This bill was passed with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, what does that tell you?

Read more of Samuel L. Jackson’s interview here:

Tigers clinched division title last night, so all is not bad here, squirt some cheap Champagne and enjoy!

more personal stuff today

what? the hell you say

what? the hell you say (Photo credit: satanoid)

Sometimes when I give my little dog a treat he takes it to the middle of the room and drops it. He then circles it, wagging his tail and yipping at it. He will jump at the treat, grabbing and dropping it. He may do this two or three times before finally picking it up and eating it.

When this happens I think… Dang, I wish he could talk so he could tell me what he is doing. Is he pretending the treat is a real live prey which he will have to capture to enjoy? He has had the same treats numerous times and even with his small dog brain he knows what it is, why is he pretending and playing?

But alas, he will never talk and I will never really know what is going through his mind.

This leads into another thought; even with our ability to talk and communicate, we as humans can never really know what is going on in another human’s mind.

Yesterday while visiting my grandson I watched as he went through what some may call a hissy fit? This short episode included flailing of arms, profanity and rants. During this time he said “I feel like a slave in my own skin.” I immediately responded with “Wow that is great, can I use that in my blog?” He stopped and looked at me as if to say. “What the hell are you talking about? I am agonizing over my condition and you are asking me about your blog?”

This exchange pointed out a couple of things to me. First, we are all the center of our universes and it matters not what is happening externally, we still tend to look at things through our narrow vision.

And secondly, the thought of being a slave in one’s own skin and the pain it must symbolize, to me this is astounding. I have a difficult time even imagining this pain.

What do you think?

What is going on in this world?

In Pakistan the Christians are demonstrating in protest of the bombing of a church by the Muslims.

In Egypt the Muslims are demonstrating in protest of the banning of the Muslim brotherhood.

In Nairobi Al Qaeda is holding hostages in a mall in protest of???

In America Christians are passing laws restricting women’s rights and Baptists are burning Qurans and bombing abortion clinics.

In Israel Jews are refusing to sign the chemical weapons treaty.

In Myanmar the Buddhists continue their terrorist attacks on Muslims.

The Pope has suggested we lighten up on our attacks on abortion, gay rights and birth control.

This of course brought out a verbal attack on the Pope from the “Christian Right”. *

And the holy wars continue worldwide.

As of today the only religious sect I have heard of with no protests and/or acts of violence are the Pastafarians.

Think about that for a bit and get back to me with your conclusions.

Now, I am off to Grand Rapids, have a good day my friends and join me in sharing kindness with our fellow humans. You will feel better, I guarantee it!


Something from the heart today…

Dream girl

Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

So, I am sitting in the visiting area talking to a young teen age boy. We are at a place that helps teens with problems. To the best of my memory all teens have problems, but this place is for special problems.

The place is one where the doors are locked and you have to get buzzed in to visit. The youngsters here all have specific problems that require professional help; at least that is what I understand it to be.

We are sitting there and a young girl walks out from behind what is supposed to be a locked door. The attendant immediately asks her in a stern voice. “What are you doing out here?” The girl, about 14 years old with short cut red hair replies in what sounds like as much anger as she is allowed to show without getting in trouble “I am looking for my mother.” “Your mother is not here” replies the attendant as she ushers the young lady back behind the door, making sure the lock is latched.

Now I know nothing about this girl other than what I have already told you but… I see something that perhaps only my imagination can see.  I see a young girl looking for something, it may be her mother. But to me it looks like she is looking for help.  Help to solve the unknown problems possessing her very soul. She appears to be lost in this world not of her making with problems she does not understand or fully grasp.

I say not of her making because I have the utmost confidence that none of the children in this unit wants to be here; they are here because of circumstances beyond their control

As a society we still place a stigma on the various illness’ these children are afflicted with and avoid talking about it as much as possible.

To me this is becoming more and more unacceptable, in communications with fellow bloggers we have determined that all people are mentally ill, just too different degrees and with different coping abilities.

And the teen age boy, he is still angry about the condition he was born with and still working on figuring it out and coping with it.

To him I say, we all love you and always will.

Please join me in showing support for him and the young girl and all the children of the world fighting to control the misfiring synapsess in their minds.

Thank you