And Syria continues to hold sway over us

English: Obama Taliban

English: Obama Taliban (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It appears President Obama has teamed up with Senators McCain and Graham (war mongers) to help Al Qaeda throw Assad out of Syria. Sort of reminds me of when the U.S. helped the Taliban throw Russia out of Afghanistan. And we all know how well that turned out don’t we!

McCain said it would be a catastrophe if we did not get involved. Of course McCain was speaking for the Military Industrial Complex.

Graham seems to be ignoring the wishes of the tea party in South Carolina as they have expressed a desire to get him out of office for his support of Al Qaeda. Must be the weapons manufactures in his state have more influence than the voters. Sounds like money talking here.

Not sure how many additional politicians have already been bought and paid for in this case but just read that Boehner is backing the President.

Here is the site to find your Representative and give him/her a call or email asking them to not vote for the war.

Who do you suppose died and made the U.S. judge/jury and executioner of foreign affairs?

I am thinking of the hearty souls that have spent a few hours on the first Friday of every month for the last 10-12 years protesting war; on the corner of Bay Rd. and Tittabawassee Rd in Saginaw township.

At one time I chastised them for wasting their time as to date their actions have shown no progress.

Well at this time I would like to apologize to them, while the results have been dismal, the efforts have been something to be admired. So I say to them Carry on good people, carry on!

While speaking of peace demonstrations, here is a link to another local one scheduled for this Saturday in Bay City, Mi.

If you cannot make it to Bay City, Mi. do a quick Google search for one near you.

And as always if you can’t participate give em a thumbs up drive by.

Like the young lady said “If you want action, you have to act.”


9 thoughts on “And Syria continues to hold sway over us

  1. The endless war-cycle of the US. Could someone please remind your congress (and President) that it was NASA that truly won the worlds respect for your great land, not Northrop Grumman or Colt Defense.


  2. It looks like a set-up to turn Syria into Iraq 2.0 but it’s still just the opening act. They’re setting the stage for the main event…war with Iran.


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