Another one of those days when almost everything pisses me off

President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain...

President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain in a press conference, taking place on March 4, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Syria still top news item of the day with what appears to be the politicians not listening to their constituents. The congress critters seem to be supporting the President in his desire to blow up Syria.

Call your elected officials today. Tell them NO more WARS! And then ask them how are we going to pay for this? Those Tomahawk missiles go for about $1.5 million each. Suggest to them that we have a tax increase to pay the bill.

And as expected the Republicans are finding a way to blame Obama for this mess. This from interviews I just saw on Al Jazeera, interviewing Republicans in western Michigan. No one bothered to ask them how they felt about card shark John McCain’s support of Obama; or the Republican leaders in the house?

And in another area of concern we see that another fine citizen of Florida has just “stood his ground”; killing a couple neighbors because they were mean to him.

One positive item stumbled on in the last 24 hours is the response given by Australia’s prime minister when a pastor asked him about gay marriage.

Wanting to leave on a positive note I will close with this video, enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Another one of those days when almost everything pisses me off

  1. Saw the video of Rudd last night. I was pleased with his answer, but quietly shocked that a pastor was even allowed to ask the question. In Australia politics and religion NEVER mix. It’s just always been that way. If you listen you can hear the audience collectively groan (and giggle a little) when he mentions “Jesus said…” That reaction tells you how religion is viewed in Australia. No one wants to hear it in public. If you’re religious you just keep it to yourself. PM Gillard (who Rudd rather rudely usurped) was an atheist, and during the last election (which she won) precisely ZERO words were said about it.


  2. Two myths worthy of very serious consideration:

    1. The ‘myth of jesus’ (not my words, but often quoted as the words of some Pope)

    2. The killer—the myth of ‘democracy’. I’ve posted often on it, but it is The great fallacy; the illusion that keeps the vicious self-serving both in power and in control.

    and now to view that video …


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