A shout out to my Religious friends here

religions in Europe, map en. See File:Europe r...

religions in Europe, map en. See File:Europe religion map.png for details. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was going to shout out to my Christian friends but thought it would be better if I included all religions.

When I was a small lad I asked my mother to explain to me why such an injustice could go unpunished. Do not recall the actual injustice but do recall telling my mother it was not fair. Mother responded by telling me what her grandmother had told her many years before. “Well”, she said “he will get an extra jewel in his crown.” This needed additional explaining and she told me that for his suffering on earth he would receive an extra jewel in his crown when he went to heaven.

Had never really thought about wearing a crown in heaven but this satisfied my needs at the time.

It was only later as a testosterone laden teenager that I started thinking maybe the 7 virgins the Muslims were offering might be a better deal.

Never did find out what the Jews had in their prize package. Knowing the suffering they have gone through on this earth I bet it is something really neat. Maybe 7 virgins and a flat screen tv with the NFL package?

You see my friends all faiths seem to offer promises for what they call the afterlife. And they do indeed call for an end to this life via various modes.

The Muslim end of world is Yawm ad-Din

The Jewish end of world is messianic age

To many Christian’s the end of world is the rapture

Additional religions have their own terms of settlement, but these are the big 3 as far as I know.

Not sure if the Atheists have any other word than THE END.

Now each of these religions seems to be hell bent on assuring you have a good afterlife and they pursue it aggressively. So much so that many insist others follow them in their path to eternal happiness.

This leads me to wonder, why don’t they take a break from all their work on creating a good afterlife and do something to help the world have a better TODAY life?

In example how about the Sunnis and the Shiites stop their constant warring and get together for a big picnic where they can work on a plan to make life better for all people?

And while they are at it they can invite the Jews over for a pulled pork sandwich, oops perhaps some lamb chops or brisket would be better at this gathering.

The Jews could then stop building new settlements on the west bank and feel secure in their homes.

The Christians could cut back on their proselytizing and stay home and teach a neighbor how to read or help them get a decent job.  They could also promote sex education and birth control as a better way to decrease the number of abortions rather than bombing abortion clinics.

Ah yes there are so many ways to make this a better world for all. Teach an illiterate person to read. Get a book, not the Bible, Quran or Talmud. Get something by Salinger, Hemmingway, Akbar S Ahmed or Isaac Asimov.

A few days back a man in Florida shot and killed two of his neighbors it was reported that they were “mean” to him.

How about we all start preaching from the love thy neighbor side of the Book? Burn the pages that preach the fear, hate thy neighbor and greed.

It is the fear, hatred and greed that has been preached for so many years that is responsible for the majority of killing and suffering in this world.

Love thy neighbor, just try it for a while, you will be amazed at the positive results you will get.

Now take these suggestions to your Pastor, Imam or Rabbi and see if we can get some support.

“Can’t we all just get along?”


9 thoughts on “A shout out to my Religious friends here

  1. Only Buddhism and Confucianism actively teach (and promote) right relations with all creatures… and both don’t have a godhead. The here and now is what’s important, and you can’t fault them for that.


  2. I have a lot of trouble with the 7 virgins of the Muslim faith. #1. It assumes that the only virtuous people who go to paradise are men. #2. It ignores the probable fact that the 7 virgins were trafficked against their will, that their rights are irrelevant, … and so THEY are in hell!!


  3. Yes, you should have, Larry.

    Great blog according to this ordained but retired United Methodist pastor.
    The kindom of God is here and now and within you. (And even though the word “kindom” was actually a typo for Kingdom, I see a lot of truth in that, too. We are all brothers and sisters in the great kindom, whether we know it and/or act on it or not.

    LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, LARRY, even the right wing Republican one, though he may be much harder.


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