We Are Not the World’s Policemen

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American cultural icons, apple pie, baseball, and the American flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That phrase has been used by many who oppose U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war, including me.

A response I have heard to this phrase is. If we give up that role we also give up our preeminence. And of course my response to that is a resounding “So what?”

pre·em·i·nent or pre-em·i·nent  (pr-m-nnt)


Superior to or notable above all others; outstanding.

In the first place this very well could be a condition that has been foisted on the American public by our main stream media. We think we are superior because we have been told we are superior.

In the second place this is a somewhat arrogant attitude don’t you think?

In the third place does anyone think this so called superiority has been good for the average American?

Anyone living in Sweden, Norway, France, Germany or any other country that would not be considered to be preeminent (by our self centered standards) want to share the agony of this condition?

Do you have the firepower to destroy almost any country in the world and are you suffering with high unemployment and low wages? Are you struggling to provide affordable health care to your citizens? Is your education system floundering? Are your children shooting and killing each other with random abandonment?

I know I have missed some of the joys of living in a preeminent society so forgive me but please share with us your insights and responses to my questions.

Thank you and enjoy the games.


6 thoughts on “We Are Not the World’s Policemen

  1. Preeminent in what? The only thing I can think of is WAR and GREED. Compared to other western countries, we have high unemployment, high infant mortality, a largely undereducated public, a large number of people uninsured or underinsured, a crumbling infrastructure, an unresponsive & arrogant Congress, a banking industry which answers to no one, high unemployment, high homelessness, lawless gun ownership. Hitler’s Germany was once “preeminent”, wasn’t it? If Obama really wants to go to war, how about lobbing a few missiles at Monsanto?
    Video: The Deeply Tangled Roots of the Syrian Conflict.


      • Yeah, it’s unusual for a woman isn’t it? I belong to a generation that was taught to shut up and sit down so never “fitted in” (whatever that means). What’s the point of not saying what I deeply feel? I am so disgusted with the way this country is headed that mere words cannot express it. I believe it’s far, far worse than most people realize. The general passivity appalls me.


    • “The general passivity appalls me” and that is a key problem we all have to work on. As an activist my words are not taken as seriously as I would like. Just on a constant lookout for something that will wake up the masses. Gentle prodding is what I use with those that know me and tend to close their ears if I go on a rant. But we must continue in our efforts in whatever manner we can.


  2. In less than 24 hours nearly 200 people planned vigils related to stopping missile attack on Syria from the time MoveOn.Org asked folk to do it. That doesn’t sound very passive to me.

    I know what you mean, though, Larry and Lesley. I have lost friends and some family members have little to do with me because I believe the truth about our “preeminence.”

    I could say a lot more; but I’m exhausted from handing our Obamacare materials today in 90-degree weather at the “Roots and Heritage” Festival in Lexington. (Mostly African American and a great festival.)

    Keep at it, you two.


    • Methinks the passivity we were talking about was what we see in the general public. I have blogged in the past about people I know that have in a sense given up. They just don’t care anymore. Good to hear about your actions today in Lexington. You are also commended and keep at it, united we can make a difference.


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