How does one define a radical?

The Tea Party pretends to be a populist party ...

The Tea Party pretends to be a populist party but that is misleading, for it was created with a few thousand “true believers” financed by the rich and powerful within the Republican party, This is exactly what happened in Germany in the 30s; Fascism. (Photo credit: Wonderlane)

During Bill Clinton’s presidency a group was formed calling themselves Moveon. The initial formation came from the founders thoughts that yes Clinton had been a bad boy in his behavior with one Monica Lewinsky. Now let us all get over it and MOVE ON!

This group continued to grow and still remains viable today.

In 2004 this group supported John Kerry for president. This group was mentioned on some news broadcasts as “radicals”. I was somewhat taken aback by this as I considered supporting the Democratic candidate for president should not be considered radical.

In 2009 a group of people upset with the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States formed. This group was known as the Tea Party.  This group wrapped themselves in U.S. Flags and dressed funny. Some also sported their assault weapons. Some of the original members came to rallies with tea bags hanging ornately from their hats. Never heard this group described as radicals. Hmmm?

This group continued to grow and remains viable today.

In 2011 Occupy Wall Street came into existence with their occupation of Zuccotti Park in New York City’s Wall Street district.  This group was immediately defined as a bunch of radicals; and was soon snuffed out using the coordinated efforts of homeland security and local police forces.

This group still thrives but more as an underground movement. The ideas and original discontent still exist.  They are doing good things such as buying up mortgages held by banks and forgiving the debt to low income people and others in economic stress.

So, back to my original question of defining a radical I continue by stating Moveon is no longer considered radical.

They were even mentioned on the late news last night, WNEM TV5, as sponsors of an anti war rally to be held at Democratic congressman Dan Kildee’s Flint, Michigan office tonight at 6  or 7 pm.

The tea party has pretty much always been accepted as being non-radical; Koch brothers backing here?

Now you decide, and tell me how do you define a radical?


9 thoughts on “How does one define a radical?

  1. Defining “radical” proves as tricky as the difference between rant, rave, and opinion. The term “radical idea” might have started when Einstein proposed his theory of relativity – sadly it has come to be known as the actions of narrow minded people.. Sadder still, those narrow minded people label free thinking optimists the same way. 🙂


    • In other words much like we are all batshit crazy just to different degrees, we are all radicals just from different perspectives? In history George Washington and the founding fathers would have been declared radicals by the MSM and today they are viewed as heroes ?
      So again being defined as a radical is dependent on both time and conditions. Well then let me say, you and most of those who’s blogs i read here are already heroes. You all do not have to wait for history to prove it, I have declared it to be so. And so it is ! 😉


      • Well then, you have just enforced my opinion. Just read your blog regarding church and state, and you indeed do have all this crap figured out. Next step getting the world to see your visions as i and others do. Not an easy step but it can and will be done.


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