The President’s speech, the Colorado Recall and gun deaths

AVSG-S-1031-12/AGA68 RVN Saigon Two Viet Cong ...

AVSG-S-1031-12/AGA68 RVN Saigon Two Viet Cong dead lay on the grounds on the U.S. Embassy in Saigon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well the President went to the American public last night and asked them to watch youtube videos of the gassing of men, women and children in Syria.

Sorry Mr. President but I have already seen these videos more times than I wanted to. How about we make the videos of men, women and children being killed by bombs, bullets and drones? I haven’t seen them yet.

Years ago I saw the video of a Vietnamese captain use his pistol to put a bullet in the head of a young Viet Cong fighter. I saw the head whip back and the blood spatter and the young man fall to the ground. I also saw the picture of a young Vietnamese girl running naked through the streets after a napalm attack.

Yes Mr. President I have seen the atrocities of war more than enough times to know they exist.

Humans killing each other in any manner are not what I consider an ideal world. There has to be a better way to settle our differences.

In Colorado two senators that voted for gun control laws were recalled yesterday. The NRA has won again. Sorry state of affairs again.

Of interest to political junkies may be something I noticed in the twitter feed of the results last night. Numerous tweets were sent out to Mayor Bloomberg taunting him for wasting his money on this campaign. Did the NRA make this not just about gun control but also about a big city mayor telling the local folks how to live?

In Michigan, a state police trooper was shot and killed just a few days ago while making what has been called a routine traffic stop. This appears to be a case where a good guy with a gun failed to stop a bad guy with a gun.

A 14 year old boy in Saginaw, Mi. was “accidentally” killed by gunshot last week.

A 3 year old girl was “accidentally” killed by gunshot in a national park last week.

My condolences go out to all those affected by these tragic deaths.

The quotation marks around accidentally indicate my question as to what is an accidental shooting? Surely someone was negligent in each of these cases, our government has made gun manufactures not responsible for any harm caused by gunfire but some human has to be responsible for these untimely deaths.

And those are my thoughts this morning. Cooler weather ahead, enjoy the day.


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