Quiet day at the “farm”


dog (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

Spending the day out here in Freeland with the boys and the chickens and the ducks and the turtles and the other assorted animals.

Well the boys are all off to school so it is now just lovely wife, the dog and aforementioned animals.

World turmoil continues no matter where we are but we can put it out of our mind for a few moments if we try.

Dog likes the farm as he can roam free, maybe chase the chickens a bit and just do dog things all day. He did however, get out on the road twice already and must be reminded that he does still have some restrictions. Damn, he says in doggie language, can’t I just be totally free for one day?

Lovely wife enjoys the farm also as the grandchildren bring back the sparkle in her heart she had when she was young and frisky.

As for me, I enjoy the peace and tranquility. Seeing others with a smile and/or dog with a cheerful wagging tail brings pleasure to me much like sitting by the fire with a hot cup of chocolate on a cold winter’s night.

This is meant to be a suggestion that we all take the time to “spend a day at the farm”.

Whatever you do, enjoy the moment!


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