Health care, food stamps? Republicans say evils of society?

Talked to a lady recently

This lady told me she was feeling real good as she had just left a retreat at a Baptist Church where they were singing, chanting and clapping their hands and having a great time.

Wanting to express my ability to understand her joy, I responded by telling her how I too had recently attended a gathering full of singing, chanting and clapping hands. Only my event was not in a church it was in the state capitol building. We were not seeking salvation; we were seeking justice for good people that have a tough time affording health insurance. Precisely we were trying to get the Republicans in our state senate to vote for and approve Medicaid expansion as part of the federal government’s affordable care act.

She responded with concern about how her grown son who had no job and no money was going to be able to pay for health insurance.   I bit my tongue to avoid telling her “tell him to get a job” and went on to explain to her that under the affordable care act your son will qualify for Medicaid.

The miss-information and lies being put out by the right wingers is atrocious and must be corrected at all times.

One thing I find hard to understand is why these people are so opposed to a law that was originally proposed by the Heritage foundation a right wing think tank, and was first implemented by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.

Only explanation I find plausible is Bill Maher’s new word.

Black-track [blak’trak]


The act of changing one’s mind because President Obama has agreed with you

See also: pulling a one-hatey, Kenyan boomerang  

I also pointed out to the lady that I am sure she knows someone who is a recipient of food stamps. Knowing how the Republicans are cutting food stamps she how can she still support them?

She has not yet replied to that question yet and I suspect she will not.

Anyway, Tiger baseball and Lions football and grandson’s baseball means a busy day ahead. Carpe Diem!


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