Originally I intended to lighten up today.

Jesus casting out the money changers from the ...

Jesus casting out the money changers from the Temple by Giotto, 14th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Post something personal or something light and whimsical to assure my friends that I am indeed not just an old curmudgeon that is angry at the world BUT!

A Facebook friend posted a meme dealing with bibles not being allowed in schools anymore but being encouraged in prisons. Suggesting if bibles were in schools we would need fewer prisons.

First off let me say, as a student in public schools in the 1940s and 50s I never saw a bible in school. To the best of my knowledge they were never allowed in public schools, and rightfully so.

Secondly, i have posted previously my thoughts of organized religion being a primary root of the evil in the world we live in.  The Holy Wars continue to this day my friends.

I do remember seeing bibles in hotel/motel rooms but guess what; I have never seen a bible in a bank.

Methinks they have never been allowed in banks, this probably stems from the fact that Jesus entered the temple and for the only time in his life displayed anger.

Matthew 12:12

12And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. 13And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER’; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN.”…

In an effort to not upset my Christian friends let me say again.  If you receive comfort and solace from your Christian beliefs, carry on and enjoy your life. This is not an attempt to change you or your beliefs; rather it is an attempt to stop you from trying to change the lives of others through deceptive practices.

Perhaps if we were to allow bibles in banks the banksters would cut back or stop screwing the people out of their hard-earned money.

Think about it.


So you turn on the tv this morning

And you get nothing on the cable channels except the house committee questioning HHS Secretary Sebelius regarding the flaws in the Obamacare website. I mean even Al Jazeera is broadcasting this farce.

The Republicans are using this hearing to expound on their dislike of the program, reading letters from their constituents complaining of cancellation letters from their insurance companies. Come on people, the law tells the insurance companies they can no longer sell you the junk policies they sold you in the past that offered little or no benefits.

From our who woulda thunk department comes the revelation that Greta Van Susteren of Fox News(?) just debunked a story reported on CBS of a Florida woman who had her policy cancelled and now has to pay 10 times as much. That is how CBS reported the story.

Van Susteren dug deeper and found the woman’s policy did not cover hospital stays and required extensive copays for Doctor visits and prescription purchases.  She also found there are at least 10 plans available that would be less expensive than that quoted on CBS.

Link to story here…. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/fox-news-greta-van-susteren-out-journalisms-cbs-news-on-florida-womans-junk-insurance/

Let’s call out CBS for their junk reporting and when we finish that lets call out the Republicans in congress for continuing to waste our time and money with these senseless hearings.

Contact CBS here…. http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/feedback/fb_news_form.shtml

Contact your representative here…. http://www.house.gov/

Freeland Mi. School district, next on Snyder’s hit list?

Freeland Michigan is a small community located in Saginaw County. The population is just over 5000 with 40 percent being families with children under the age of 18. Freeland has experienced a growth in recent years and it is expected to continue growing in the future. One thing that may stop this growth is a poor school district.

The teachers in this district have been asked to take a pay cut and pay an increased amount of their health care coverage premium. They were on the streets last night protesting this action. This unrest in the school district does not bode well for the school district and the community as a whole.

This condition could have been avoided had Snyder and his cronies not cut school funding in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy in this state.

However if one were to look at the big picture, one would wonder if this is not really all part of the plan. Snyder and his cronies are known to support privatizing of most if not all government services. Is Freeland the next district Snyder plans to drive into bankruptcy?

State Representative Tim Kelly had a column in Sunday’s Saginaw News spinning the facts and extolling his support of Snyder and Snyder’s achievements.

At this time all citizens of the Freeland school district are urged to join us in working to elect a representative to this district that is concerned about the children of the district, not just the wealthy of the state.

We must elect a representative that works to support our local school districts rather than working to dissolve them. Based on Kelly’s previous statements and votes he is not the person we want representing us.

Working together we can provide a better future for our children, come join us.

Thank you and Go Falcons!

Healthcare in the United States


Disease? (Photo credit: armigeress)

When Richard M. Nixon was president, one of his cabinet members came to him wanting to talk about health care. Nixon reportedly told him to get lost he did not want to talk about national or government health care. The cabinet member stood strong and told Nixon he had an idea on how to make it a profitable enterprise. This word, profit, caught Nixon’s ear and we as a country began our long and devastating journey to a healthcare system built and designed for profit above care.

Side story now…

I was talking to a gentleman who is on Medicare and has supplemental coverage last week. This fellow was in Grand Rapids, Mi. with his wife, and his son. They were at a hospital where his daughter-in-law was undergoing induced labor to bring on the birth of her child.

While waiting patiently, the gentleman thought he would go to the emergency room and see if he could get some help in removing a barb from a barberry bush that was stuck in his finger and beginning to fester. He had tried to remove it himself with no luck.

The doctor took one look, numbed the finger and promptly removed the offending barb.

A month later the gentleman received a bill for services rendered. The total charge for the procedure was $1400.00 with a charge to him of $140, Medicare and his supplemental paid the rest. He grumbled to himself and paid the bill.

How much profit do you suppose was made in this short procedure?  And what amount of that was needed to cover expenses incurred by the hospital when they provide service to uninsured patients?

Back to profit in healthcare industry now

We are beginning to see more and more cases of antibiotic resistant infections taking hold in not only America but in the world. When antibiotics were first introduced 50-60 years ago they were miracle drugs fighting off infections and curing most illnesses. But because of abuse of these drugs their effectiveness has dwindled.

Big Pharma working on a profit above all modus figured out that there is more profit in creating and selling drugs for chronic diseases then drugs for temporary illnesses. An antibiotic is generally only used for two or three weeks but a chronic disease requires lifetime dependency.

NPR has a story explaining this in more detail here….. http://www.npr.org/2013/10/22/239247134/antibiotics-cant-keep-up-with-nightmare-superbugs

Healthcare is an area the people are not being taken care of using capitalistic procedures. Think about it, and then scream or call your congress person and tell them sometimes profits have to come second to service.

Thanks friends, and have another great day!

We do not have a two party political system in the United States.

We have a one party system, the corporate system. There are two major branches of this system, the Republican branch and the Democratic branch. They are both under control of the corporate powers in the world/country.

This was displayed when Obama’s top economic advisor told Democrats they would have to swallow entitlement cuts.


This is bullshit and it is coming from the Whitehouse.

The Democratic wing of the corporate party does support people more than the Republican wing but not to the extent that they should.

We should be seeing Democrats working on such things as:

An increase in Social Security benefits to current and future recipients.

A public option for health insurance.

A raise in minimum wage and indexing it to cost of living.

Free college education for qualifying students.

Rewrite the tax laws so the people that are hoarding all the wealth start paying their fair share.

These are just a few suggestions for a start,  now back to the game.

Good News! The fun continues!

English: Crude drawing of the "No RINO&qu...

English: Crude drawing of the “No RINO” buttons used by American Republicans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four or five days back a blog titled Rosemary’s Baby on this site talked about how the Republicans had created a monster called the tea party. The closing suggested getting some popcorn and enjoy the show about to begin.

Tim Skubick, a political columnist for M-live and host of local PBS show “Off the record”, wrote a column dealing with last week’s show featuring Cindy Camrat, a self-described tea party leader in the Michigan tea party movement.   The column described the show accurately discussing the division not only among Republicans but also among tea party folk.

The comments that follow the column display the wrangling in all its glory. Here is the link if you want to see some of the comments.


This is just local stuff in Michigan, the national scene has similar actions with sides being drawn already. New Jersey Governor Chris Christy just backed off on banning gay marriage in his state. This action pleased the big money Wall Street Republicans but may not rest well with the evangelicals in the south. How long before Christy steps over the line to please the Wall Street gang and pisses off Limbaugh enough to call him a RINO?  We are also following the scuffle between Glen Beck and Grover Norquist.


Enjoy the show my friends, it will be bloody but not lengthy.

At this time I am going to make a prediction, you may want to bookmark this page or put it in your memory folder. Check back in a couple years because sometime prior to the next presidential election the tea party will be shuffled off into a quiet little cubby somewhere. The powers that be will see to it. They have performed the function they were asked to do and are no longer needed.

Like my mom used to say “Mark my words”. The tea party is doomed and headed for extinction.

Local stuff, Mid-Michigan Help Needed.

Paul Weyrich - Undertaker for the American Dream

Paul Weyrich – Undertaker for the American Dream (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I went to a meeting last night with some people that are working to get progressive Democratic candidates elected to our state government offices.

These people have a plan, a good plan. They are up and running in southern Michigan and northern Michigan. They are working on our area now and are looking for volunteers to help in the cause. We are talking about people who can spend a few hours a month.

Keep in mind that Snyder and the Republicans have followed ALEC’s instructions to the letter. This has given us higher taxes for hard-working middle class people. Taxes on retirement income, a reduction in property tax credits, a reduction in earned income credits, an increase in tuition rates and reduced services from our government.

ALEC has plans for continuing decreases in the standard of living for middle class people in our state. One that comes to mind this morning is their goal of putting public pension funds in the hands of Wall Street hooligans.  For more on this follow link… http://www.salon.com/2013/10/23/wall_streets_favorite_democrat_wants_your_pension/

We do not have the money of the Koch brothers or the Devos of this world but we do have the people, working together we can stop this onslaught on our lives.

Drop me an email or a pm or a phone call or a smoke signal or any other method of communication for more information on this plan.


Thanks for all you do.