Four thoughts from the weekend.

Saturday night at the club, having a beer with friends and family a couple of retired military are in the group.  One just recently retired the other for a few years now. The one retired for some time tells me he received his pension check and a letter saying this check may be the last one for a bit if the fund runs out before the government gets turned back on.

The group of people at the table considered the government shutdown to be total bullshit.  Most everyone I have talked to feels the same way. In an effort to avoid controversy I did not ask who was to blame for the shutdown. Personally, I put the blame on the tea party that controls the Republican caucus in the house.

There was some talk about the bums in D.C. getting their checks while putting thousands on furlough to achieve their goal of destroying “Obamacare”; with mention of throwing the bums out. This discussion ended with the conclusion that 90 percent of them will be re-elected.


Tim Skubick, a political columnist/commentator had this in the Saginaw News Sunday morning. “Democrats are looking for the first gubernatorial upset in 23 years. There man isn’t there yet.”

At the risk of upsetting my Democratic friends, I agree with Skubick totally. This is not meant as a disparagement of Democratic candidate Mark Schauer, rather as a disparagement of the campaign being put forth against Rick Snyder.  And I am not even criticizing the official Democratic Party.

IMHO if those that are opposed to Snyder’s re-election want to succeed in their efforts, they must put together a coordinated effort. Like what was done in Minnesota in 2009, a joining together of forces that resulted in winning the governor’s office for the first time in 20 years. In the last national election I personally saw one union sending door knockers to the streets getting out the vote and this group was closely followed by another unions door knockers walking the same streets and knocking on the same doors. This is a waste of resources, and a coordinated effort would produce much better results.

So I am calling out to the leaders of these various groups that are in opposition to the re-election of Rick Snyder to put aside your minor differences and join together to achieve the primary goal of removing Snyder from office.

Totally different topic follows:

Sunday night 60 minutes had two segments that piqued my interest; first a story dealing with the Blackhawk down incident in Somalia way back in 1993.

This caught my attention because it showed an example of a country that does not have a massive federal government messing with individual rights. I so wish all my Libertarian friends could see this. Think about the freedom to do whatever you want; as long as you have about 20 well armed guards to accompany you.  Ah yes Libertarian life at its best.

And the second was a segment detailing how some people in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia having run out of unemployment benefits have hooked up with a local lawyer who has found a way to get them disability benefits. This is a multi edged sword as one edge consists of the shyster lawyer and the doctors on his payroll and the other edged consists of the people the Republicans tend to scorn finding another way to nurse on the governments teat.  Am I wrong to think these people probably vote for Republicans?

What do you think?


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