A positive spin on Tea Party sponsored government shutdown?

English: This is the logo for the CDC-NIOSH's ...

English: This is the logo for the CDC-NIOSH’s SENSOR-Pesticides program. As a work of the federal government, it is not protected by copyright. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the news concerning the attempts of the tea party to hold our country hostage has bothered me. Not so much that it really pisses me off to the extent that I want to post a rant, but to the amount that I have tried to follow it while maintaining a limited response.

Well in the past 24 hours I came upon some news that can be used to put a positive spin on this congressional bullshit.

“Federal food workers have been recalled off furlough to track an outbreak of salmonella linked to Foster Farms chicken”

“Nearly 300 people in 18 states have been sickened since about July by an outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg traced to raw chicken from three sites run by the private California poultry producer, said Barbara Reynolds, a spokeswoman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

So my friends in the tea party, what you have done by shutting down the government, is brought on a case that proves our need for government regulations, inspections and control of corporate powers. THANK YOU!

Keeping in mind corporation’s goals of maximizing profits; Imagine if you can, the number of people who would be sickened and perhaps die as a result of no inspections or regulations in food processing in our country.

This is but one example of putting profits before health and safety of the people. The explosion in the Texas fertilizer plant would be another and the Wall Street induced recession would be another.

Think about it chaos unlimited with no control. Not a pretty picture in my mind’s eye, how about you?

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4 thoughts on “A positive spin on Tea Party sponsored government shutdown?

  1. I wonder if kids are still required to read “The Jungle” in American history class. It resulted in the Pure Food and Drug and Meat inspection act in 1906. Just how far back is far enough back to make the tea party happy?


    • Can only make a guess but, i’m thinking somewhere back in the 1800s. maybe prior to 1860. On another note i have just been chastised on another site for blaming the tea party. they claim this gives Republicans a break. They are not responsible, it is the tea party’s fault. hmmm?


  2. Here’s my 2 cents on the shutdown impasse: Cut through the morass of arguments and it boils down to a House determination to gut Obamacare. Why? Cut through the copious arguments and it’s apparent to me at least that Obamacare is step #1 on the way to Medicare for all (aka single payer health insurance). If Obamacare IS accepted by the people, which it seems to be so far, they will see through the lies against it. They will love Obamacare and want more. Also, members of Congress who have accepted huge kickbacks from health insurance companies to defeat Obamacare will be in hot water. As always, FOLLOW THE MONEY! True for Watergate and true for the Congressional shutdown.


    • Lesley, you are correct. The Republicans are in fear of Obamacare because they know it will be a success. (will probably require some adjusting) but it very well could lead to what I and others wanted all along. Single Payer.


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