The ever so subtle right wing bias in Main Stream Media

The History of a Local

The History of a Local (Photo credit: Corvar152)

Sarah Palin has been known to complain vociferously of the “lame stream” media anytime something is printed or voiced that she does not agree with.

Well Sarah again I must burst your bubble; you see the MSM is controlled by Wall Street and the corporations of the world. A story from WTVC of Chattanooga, Tn is a prime example of the subtle bias being used in the media.

The headline states:

“Petition Drive Against UAW Yields Support from Nearly 600 Workers”

The story goes on to explain in detail how a group of workers in a Volkswagen plant have gathered over 500 signatures of workers that do not want to be members of the UAW.

Buried down in the article is a one line statement.

“The petition drive came after leaders of the UAW said they had collected cards in support of the UAW from at least 51 percent of the plant’s employees.”

Now the subtle bias is exposed, why no story with a headline

“UAW gathers support of 51 percent of workers”?

Different spin, different results.

This is just one example showing the bias coming from the corporate controlled media.

Another thing going on right now, that exemplifies the corporate control, is the media beginning to attack Republicans for their stand in the government shutdown. Knowing that Wall Street fears this shutdown more than the average bear, this comes as no surprise.

Of course Faux noise will continue in their never ending game of blaming Obama for everything and Sarah will continue to scream and rant against the “libruls” controlling the press, but we all know the truth don’t we.

And here is another news flash; it has been stated that when Columbus came to America people thought the world was flat and venturing too far out to sea would result in falling off the world.

Well truth is, the educated people knew the world was round, it was only Faux noise viewers that thought it was flat.

Link to story quoted above…


2 thoughts on “The ever so subtle right wing bias in Main Stream Media

  1. One of your best I have read, Larry.

    That it took the shut down effecting wealthy people to get a change in rhetoric among some media types also should be noted. The Koch Brothers changed their minds.


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