Local news expanded to encompass world events and then back home

This morning’s local paper has a story about a bill introduced by state representative Stacy Erwin Oakes (D) Saginaw, cosponsored by Tim Kelly (R) Saginaw Township.

This bill would stiffen penalties for individuals who unlawfully discharge firearms.

Hmmm ? Well goody, goody. We as a society are now going to put these thugs away for a longer time. This will surely stem the gun violence so prevalent in our communities today.

Sorry friends but, as a person who has never thought that imprisonment was a good deterrent to criminal activities, this bill does not excite me. Yes I know it may put some individual thugs behind bars for a longer time and if this is the only goal of the bill, I guess it is ok.

But why do we never hear of any actions or bills written to prevent the crimes rather than just punishment for the crimes after the fact?

A couple of weeks ago, while having a beer or two with some friends, the topic of drugs came up and drug dealer’s punishment was discussed. We were into our 3rd or 4th pitcher by now so cut us some slack, but one guy said he thinks the third offense should be punishable by a bullet to the head. No sense in housing these bums in prison for years on end, just blast them away and be done with it.

Not agreeing with this thought at all I counter replied “well if we succeed in killing all the 3rd time offenders what then; drugs will still be sold on the streets, do we then go after the 2nd time offenders and then the first time offenders?” I mean where does it end?

He came back with something along the lines of: “In the Mideast they do not have this type of crime, if you are caught stealing they cut off your hands; they do not mollycoddle their crooks over there”.

Again remember the beer. I suggested yes perhaps we could make it a national event and execute all these crooks on say… January 1, make it a prelude to the Rose Bowl game or something of that nature. Imagine the ratings it would get. This stupid comment lightened the mood and we went on to other beer induced bullshit a jolly time for sure.

Being sober this morning and after reading the above story in the news, my thoughts returned to the bar talk. “Cutting off one hands for stealing” if you think about it, that is the oppressive society that gave us the 9/11 thugs and the Arabian Spring.  Is this what we want? A people who reach the point of despair that makes them feel their only option is crime or rebellion? I hope not.

Today’s paper also had comments from the nineteen people running for city council in reply to the question; What is the most important issue facing Saginaw and what solution or solutions would you pursue if elected?

After reading some of the answers I determined them to be Blah, blah,blah.  One candidate however did catch my attention. Jeff Bookmyer suggestion that we seek out a garment manufacture to locally produce scrubs for our medical industry. Not being naïve enough to think that we can compete with the sweatshops that now manufacture scrubs I still like the thought process here. This man is thinking of doing something positive for the local people.

I will close this with a quote from a lady on tv this morning.

“The people of the world need an opportunity to earn an income through their own efforts so they can develop their own life according to their desires.”


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