Q: Why are you so concerned about religion? As an atheist, you don’t believe in God. So why bother concerning yourself with religion? (Part Two)

Friends, do not cast this aside before you read it. the subject may be offensive to some but the story is very interesting.

Enquiries on Atheism

We all know the story of President George. W. Bush implementing measures in 2001 which essentially ended U.S. Stem Cell research and set American medical science a decade behind the rest of the world; an action performed for no other reason than his religion got in the way of the public good. Alone this is a standout example of why a vocal, rational rebuttal to unjustified religious meddling in our secular societies is required, but there is a far better, much lesser known religiously-inspired Bush incident which paints an even clearer picture for why I (and every reasonable person on the planet) am “concerned” with religion…  but to get there we must first go through this unlikely chap:

harveyMeet Elwood P. Dowd; a softly spoken, gently mannered, entirely likeable man who had, he said, an invisible six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall rabbit friend named, Harvey. Granted, it’s an odd admission for a…

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