Buying America

Solution Finding Stimulus-Behave as-if your so...

Solution Finding Stimulus-Behave as-if your solution is happening. (Photo credit: michaelcardus)

Two quotes from a letter to the editor in The Nation magazine’s 10/28/13 issue.

“I have grown weary and apathetic reading about the rich and how they are buying America.”

“Tell us how to fight for democracy! (And don’t say, go out and vote. We do that.)”

A previous leader of our local party used to say “Do not come here with a problem, unless you also have a solution.” Some of us did not like this approach; we felt we were bringing the problem to the group looking for a solution.

Political activists are all looking for the solution. We all participate actively to the best of our ability. This, participating actively, is my personal reply to the question above. Like the old cliché says “all politics are local.” So…..

Join any local groups with like-minded goals and speak up and participate in the activities. Speak up when among friends and associates, you do not want to be an obnoxious bore so use some discretion, but do get your opinion on the table.

Get on the internet and support groups that support your desires. I just found an interesting ap for smart phones that may be of some help it is called “”, check it out and get involved.

Almost 2 years ago Dylan Ratigan started a group in an attempt to get support in this effort. I just checked the site; it has 277,663 signatures after a two year effort. Not a good sign, but not to be unexpected as the majority of citizens actually have little concern about politics until it affects them and then it may be too late.

Do not let it be too late for you! J and follow the guidelines in the photo above.


5 thoughts on “Buying America

  1. These 6 corporations own 90% of the media in America:

    Think about that.

    It’s no wonder we hear Fox News spewed back at us everywhere. These 6 corporations control what most Americans think, believe, say, teach their children.
    !. We have to make informed votes. This takes time and energy.
    2. We have to assure that our children are educated in critical thinking skills. When was civics dropped from the American school systems curriculum?
    3. Our economy is in such a state that parents have to work long, exhausting hours rather than spend time with their children. They collapse at the end of the day in front of a TV. They have no time to live a quality life. Remember the old Fritz Lang film “Metropolis”? It was a metaphoric portrayal of the kind of dehumanized plutocracy that America has become.

    As the old saying goes, the price of democracy is eternal vigilance. This country is in one hell of a mess, and it’s because enough people were not paying attention. My #1 objective is to repeal the Citizens United decision by a corrupt Supreme Court. This alone is a herculean task.


    • We need more like you Lesley. It is a Herculean task indeed but, we are moving in the right direction. The media control you mentioned is but one of the roadblocks we must and will overcome with continued efforts.


      • I think dealing with media control is the log that is causing the logjam. Solve the media problem first and the rest will follow. This means disenfranchising corporations. Progress is slow.


      • yes Lesley, progress is slow. Much like forcing a massive iceberg to change direction but like the little ol ant trying to move the rubber tree plant, we have high hopes and are making progress. Personally, i watch the local media closely and get right in their face when i see something askew. Our local print media likes to use the Mackinac Center as a source; i always contact them telling them to divulge the true goals and support of the Center in their articles. Strange as it sounds, we now need watch dogs for the media that used to be our watch dogs.


      • I wish I could be optimistic but i’m not. Until the people themselves wake up not much will be achieved. It looks as though the tea party gang will remain in Congress and not be held accountable. This is a major flaw in our system. I know that most would not agree with me, but I favor a parliamentary system. We are locked into terms of office, and impeachment doubtful.


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