Thought Provoking Article this Morning

The earmuff shape of Illinois's 4th congressio...

The earmuff shape of Illinois’s 4th congressional district packs two Hispanic areas while remaining contiguous by narrowly tracing Interstate 294. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Experts: Fed-up voters share blame in nation’s budget battle”

By Nancy Benac of the Associated Press

First paragraph explains how the congress critters that we, the public, are so upset with are the same congress critters that we, the public, voted for. The article goes in detail talking about the divisions in this country.  To paraphrase, members of congress are probably a very accurate reflection of how their constituents feel.

In a recent poll 78 percent of those surveyed said the country was heading in the wrong direction. To me this poll is silly. Speaking from the left I would say yes it is going in the wrong direction because we have a minority shutting down the government. Those on the right would say we are going in the wrong direction because they were not allowed to eliminate the ACA, (Obamacare).

The author did indeed point out the divisiveness in the United States today and the public’s general disgust with what is going on in the federal government. She however, failed to mention the elephant in the room. The cause of this division in congress is gerrymandered districts.

Most, if not all congress critters, are in safe districts; being in a safe district results in congress critters fear nothing but being voted out in a primary. Carrying this forward we have elected officials that vote not for what is good for America, but what will assure their re-election.

Also not mentioned in this article was the influence of money in our current election process. Money in politics is a topic that requires a complete story of and by itself. I will go no further at this time in discussing money in politics but rest assured I find it as detrimental to good government as gerrymandered districts, if not more so.

So my friends; read the article and let me know what you think.

Tigers are done, go Lions!


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