Here are a few things that caught my attention recently.

English: Mackinac Center Revenues

English: Mackinac Center Revenues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fourteen year old boy in Sparks, Nevada took his dad’s gun to school Monday; used it to kill a teacher and himself. He also wounded a couple of other people.

Police are still investigating but it is expected that the gun was owned by a good guy.

In Bay City, Mi. residents brought a petition with 500 signatures to the city council meeting Monday night in protest of a planned halfway house. The state has already dropped plans to put the halfway house at the location but, the residents want more control over the locations and more information. What are we going to do with all those halfway crooks?

Wnem tv5 had a brief segment regarding a lawsuit being brought by the Mackinac Center in support of a teacher who said he is being forced into paying union dues against his wishes. Seems he did not apply to withdraw from the union properly in the time frame allowed. Did not follow directions properly; this guy teaches our children? Biggest problem I had with this is tv5 showing clip with “Courtesy Mackinac Center” emblazoned on the screen. If they are going to broadcast propaganda from this right-wing source they should define it as such and maybe even the donors who support the Mackinac Center.

Last but not least I am still seeing numerous postings daily with false statements regarding the ACA (Obamacare). One said they are making it impossible to pay cash for your healthcare? Another said they are trying to go to single payer, ooh what a threat that is. Countering these falsehoods is almost a full time job. What does that say about the fear some have of the success of this program?

So these should all be good topics for a friendly discussion today, go forth and enjoy. 🙂


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