We do not have a two party political system in the United States.

We have a one party system, the corporate system. There are two major branches of this system, the Republican branch and the Democratic branch. They are both under control of the corporate powers in the world/country.

This was displayed when Obama’s top economic advisor told Democrats they would have to swallow entitlement cuts.


This is bullshit and it is coming from the Whitehouse.

The Democratic wing of the corporate party does support people more than the Republican wing but not to the extent that they should.

We should be seeing Democrats working on such things as:

An increase in Social Security benefits to current and future recipients.

A public option for health insurance.

A raise in minimum wage and indexing it to cost of living.

Free college education for qualifying students.

Rewrite the tax laws so the people that are hoarding all the wealth start paying their fair share.

These are just a few suggestions for a start,  now back to the game.


4 thoughts on “We do not have a two party political system in the United States.

  1. Here’s a good link on the EARNED BENEFITS proposed cuts. From COMMON DREAMS: Absent Progressive Uproar, Social Security and Medicare Face Axe.
    The lines are being drawn for a ‘Grand Bargain’ and the Democrats’ continued willingness to give away role as defenders of safety net and earned benefit programs, say critics, is deeply worrying. https://www.commondreams.org/headline/2013/10/21-4#.Um0dwRR0dRc.twitter

    On the 1-party system, When the decision that corporations are people became the law of the land it was the death of any hope of a 2-party system. Candidates must spend millions/billions to get elected. Needing that kind of money, political candidates must turn themselves into IPOs to get the funding. Small wonder that they do not represent the interests of the people.

    Has anyone else noticed how silent HILARY CLINTON is on the subject of earned benefits, Medicare, Medicaid? Just more of the same old same old. Remember how Bill Clinton was the one who started the banking disaster when he signed the papers to repeal the Glass-Steagall act of 1933? The one supposed to avoid the possibility of another banking disaster? Good ole’ girl Hillary is just more of the same mowing machine mentality heading for the White House to destroy more public/corporate firewalls. I spent too much time watching shysters run shell games with 3 walnuts shells on the streets of Manhattan to doubt that they will fool the public yet again.


    • Good facts here Lesley, Speaking of Hillary, I have not jumped on the ready for Hillary bandwagon yet. Hoping we can come up with one more inclined to work for all the people.


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