Freeland Mi. School district, next on Snyder’s hit list?

Freeland Michigan is a small community located in Saginaw County. The population is just over 5000 with 40 percent being families with children under the age of 18. Freeland has experienced a growth in recent years and it is expected to continue growing in the future. One thing that may stop this growth is a poor school district.

The teachers in this district have been asked to take a pay cut and pay an increased amount of their health care coverage premium. They were on the streets last night protesting this action. This unrest in the school district does not bode well for the school district and the community as a whole.

This condition could have been avoided had Snyder and his cronies not cut school funding in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy in this state.

However if one were to look at the big picture, one would wonder if this is not really all part of the plan. Snyder and his cronies are known to support privatizing of most if not all government services. Is Freeland the next district Snyder plans to drive into bankruptcy?

State Representative Tim Kelly had a column in Sunday’s Saginaw News spinning the facts and extolling his support of Snyder and Snyder’s achievements.

At this time all citizens of the Freeland school district are urged to join us in working to elect a representative to this district that is concerned about the children of the district, not just the wealthy of the state.

We must elect a representative that works to support our local school districts rather than working to dissolve them. Based on Kelly’s previous statements and votes he is not the person we want representing us.

Working together we can provide a better future for our children, come join us.

Thank you and Go Falcons!


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