Letting Go Of All But The Memories

English: Grand Tetons Barns The John Moulton B...

English: Grand Tetons Barns The John Moulton Barn on Mormon Row at the base of the Tetons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Letting go is hard to do.

We are sitting here waiting for a gentleman to stop by and purchase our motorhome. Physical conditions insist this must take place.

Both lovely wife and I shed a tear when we think of letting go of this motorhome. We recall the many joys we have shared visiting such places as the cranberry bogs in Cape Cod and joining the leaf peepers in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. While you are there make sure you pick up some maple syrup it is expensive but worth the price.

We also remember watching the Sea Lions frolicking on the beach and surfers hanging 10 in the waves of the Pacific Ocean near San Diego. Not to mention the enjoyable lunch at Coronado Island’s Hotel Del Coronado.

The mountain views of Wyoming’s Jackson Hole area were breathtaking to both of us as were the rapids in Snake River in Idaho. I did get a parking ticket in Jackson Hole for parking my car in a spot designated for RVs. If I can find it I will still not pay it. 😉 Yellowstone national park should fit into this trip and if you stay north you can also squeeze in a stop at Mt. Rushmore.

If you have not seen the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, do so when you visit the Grand Canyon and if you have time take a side trip to four corners. While there purchase one of the craft items from the Native Americans, you will treasure it as a memento for the rest of your life.

Do not surpass a trip to the Hot Springs national park in Hot Springs Arkansas, a relaxing diversion from everyday life. From here you can travel southeast to reach the gulf coast and smell the sea breeze off the Gulf of Mexico.

When you get to Florida take slow drive down the west coast to view the Manatees.

This is just a partial list of the wonderful memories lovely wife and I can share as we let go of our motorhome and the joys it provided us.

We are now moving on to the next phase and expect to enjoy it as much as the last. Wish us luck.


10 thoughts on “Letting Go Of All But The Memories

    • I know that I am repeating myself yet again, but the founding fathers could not have foreseen the horns-locked Congressional stalemates, the mutual ill will, the marathon filibusters, the outright shameless lies, the population growth of America which makes the Electoral College worse than obsolete. I believe that a parliamentary system which allows for a vote of no confidence, the dissolution of parliament, a recall of representatives with no guaranteed terms of office, and new elections held to be a far better form of government than what we have now. However, the Constitution, which is regarded to be almost as sacred as the Bible, makes this an impossibility. So we have exactly what we deserve. Who was it who said that repeating the same futile thing over and over and expecting different results is a mark of insanity?


      • Lesley, Not sure but I think it was Einstien that said that. As far as your desire for a complete overhaul of our government, i think that would take a revolution. IMHO We are heading in that direction, although i do still hold a faint glimmer of hope that we can move peacefully to a re-invented democracy. the tea partiers, and the occupiers are both groups that have expressed their disgust with our current form of government. They are the only tip of the iceberg.


  1. Another slaughter at LA airport. If we still can’t pry guns from all those cold, dead hands, I don’t hold much hope for any larger reforms. Hope I’m wrong.


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