Does this scare anyone else?

US residents with employer-based private healt...

US residents with employer-based private health insurance, with self insurance, with Medicare or Medicaid or military health care and uninsured in Million; U.S. Census bureau: Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are all aware of the actions against the middle class perpetrated by Governor Snyder and his cohorts in the Republican Party in Michigan.

We know about how they passed the right to work (for less) law in a lame duck session of congress.

We know how they increased taxes on retirees.

We know how the cut back on earned income credits for workers in Michigan.

We know how they cut back on property tax credits for homeowners in Michigan.

We know how they refused to set up a state exchange for the affordable care act, creating another hurdle for those wanting to get affordable health insurance,

We know how they reluctantly approved of Medicaid expansion while delaying the implementation until April; thereby delaying coverage for those most in need.

We know how they have systematically pushed local school districts and communities into bankruptcy with their greedy taxation policies.

We know how Snyder has paid some of his imported “managers” with funds from the secret NERD fund.

We know that Snyder has been unable to recall when asked questions under oath regarding the Detroit bankruptcy case.

We know all this, and now we are being told that Snyder and his cohorts are creating a court system where they will be judged by judges they have appointed.

Do not know how this makes you feel my friends but, it scares me.

Bright sunny day today but cool. Enjoy!


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