Another smattering of thoughts today

First, let me share another example of the subtle bias of news media; this one from NPR this morning. I paraphrase here “In recent surveys a majority of seniors do not want social security changed. They also want a removal of the cap so those who make more will pay MORE.  Why didn’t they say those who make more will pay the same percentage of income as those who make less? I may be accused of splitting hairs here but the message reads much better using my terms.

Around the world: There is some hell raising going on in Iran with Death To America being the predominate sign. Supposedly this is in celebration of the hostage taking 30 some years ago. In Egypt deposed president Morsi is in court today with a divided country calling for either his execution or his release. The court room echoed this condition and the trial has been put on hold until January 8th.

The shooting at LAX by an introvert and loner has brought more suggestions for armed guards at these locations. How much longer before we have armed guards at every street corner with a belt of bullets wrapped around their shoulders? Are we becoming a banana republic?

Two governors races tomorrow, one in Virginia expected to be won by Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe. The other in New Jersey with Republican candidate Chris Christie expected to win. Chris Christie was seen at a Rutgers football game this weekend shaking his finger and telling a teacher to “do her job”’. This rant comes after he reduced educational funding by 1 billion dollars after taking office. The governor’s wife appeared to enjoy the display based on her smiling laugh.


Of course the “Obamacare” thing is still grabbing headlines. Under cover is the fact that insurers are continuing to hide the benefits of this new law from their customers.


Another busy day missed the rally at WNEM this morning but was there in spirit.


2 thoughts on “Another smattering of thoughts today

  1. Larry, that “subtle” change in language is exactly what the Republican Party has been doing in reverse for at least the last 33 years.

    Social Protections=Entitlements (but subsidies for corporations are NOT entitlements)
    And, yes, they would pay more by removing the cap, but only pay the same percentage as everyone else.

    Good catch there.


    • Thanks revjmike, after your reply i went the next step and sent an email to NPR pointing out this subtle use of language to send a different message. They will be on their toes from now on. 😉


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