Is Michigan taking this “Stand your Ground law” to another level?

This “little girl” ended up with a not so good future. doncha think?

A teenage girl seeking help after being in a car accident ends up dead after a shot to the head. Story here…

Just last week a mentally disabled young man shot and killed a TSA agent in Los Angeles, Ca.


This was soon followed by another young man taking an assault rifle into a mall in New Jersey and committing suicide. Link…

In Florida, a fellow was angered when someone cut in front of him at a Chic-fil-a drive-thru he of course used the stand your ground law and popped a shot into the offending driver’s car.

Link here….

Four cases of gun violence in such a short time and I am sure there are others that did not make the headlines.

As far as I can tell the politicians are following the instructions of the NRA and remaining silent on these incidents.

Is it just me, or is this just a matter of fact of in the world we live in? Are we now living in an environment of “Que Sera, Sera”?

I hope not! Working together we can change this. We can elect officials that will work to make America good and happy place to live again.


4 thoughts on “Is Michigan taking this “Stand your Ground law” to another level?

  1. I think that we live in a country where money almost always trumps loyalty to constituents or even common sense. We should begin with a concerted insistence to institute laws prohibiting bribes to politicians and lobby groups with heavy penalties attached, but this would be extremely hard to institute at this point although the problem could have been easily foreseen.

    America is a country which is reactive rather than active. As a nation, we never seem to anticipate problems. We wait for problems to occur, than dither around and run in circles about how to deal with them. By then, it’s usually too late. It was foreseeable that lax gun laws would result in a cowboy mentality and many deaths. It was foreseeable that cell phones would result in people talking/texting while driving. Now, it’s next to impossible to retroactively enforce laws against this. So many of our national problems could have been foreseen and forestalled as they were in most other western countries. Another example: if Obama had pushed for expanding Medicare to include all, the infrastructure would have already been in place and there would have been almost no problems with signing up.


    • Lesley, another reply with massive words of wisdom. thank you for your contributions. We are working on the items you mentioned, it is going to be a long climb but, we can do it!


  2. The link to the mall shooting/suicide is not right.

    On the up, Virginia (home to the NRA) did just elect a Democrat governor. That at least looks like a positive directional move.


    • Yes they did and i just read somewhere that he came out in favor of gun control late in the campaign. this may explain why his margin of victory was less than expected.
      I will check link to mall suicide. and correct if possible.


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