The Three Legs of Retirement Income

Social Security Poster: widow

Social Security Poster: widow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the majority of Americans retirement income is dependent on three sources, pensions, savings and social security.

In the private sector pensions have all but been eliminated. Republicans are working constantly to eliminate public pensions.

Savings, the 401k program is an experiment that has failed. The average savings in these accounts today is $30,000.  This amount falls far short of the amount required to provide a cushion for retirees financial needs.

With these two legs all but eliminated it is time to consider increasing social security. We shudder at the thought of our seniors living on 12 to 14 thousand dollars a year in income. Not just shudder but we should all be ashamed of leaving those who have worked all their lives in such dire straits.

Contrary to the reports we hear from the corporate controlled MSM, social security is and will continue to be well funded. The government has been robbing this fund for years and the Republicans want to find a way to not pay back the money they have taken.

Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio has just joined a group of Democrats that are calling for an increase in social security benefits. We should all support this effort.

Rather than fighting the Republicans to avoid cuts in these earned benefits, we must go on the offensive and fight the Republicans for an increase in these earned benefits.

Together, we can do this! Get up and get involved!

drop me an email or a pm to learn how you can join in the fight.


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