The Police State We Are Becoming?

Bill Maher had another excellent show last night. He had two Republican supporters and one Democratic supporter on his panel. This created some lively discussion on the Affordable Healthcare Act and additional topics including CBS’s handling of their fake Benghazi segment.

Of special interest to me was his first guest. Radley Balco the author of a new book “Rise of the Warrior Cop” detailing the militarization of our police forces.  The conversation included the story about the man in New Mexico who was stopped by a police officer as he allegedly rolled through a stop sign. The officer became suspicious, as the man appeared to be clinching his buttocks. ?? (LOL?) The man was subjected to anal probes, x-rays, a couple of enemas and finally a colonoscopy. No drugs were found.  The man has brought suit against the police.  Since this has become public there are at least two additional cases involving similar actions being reported.

I wonder how the “keep the government out of my healthcare crowd” feel about this.

Balco said he was contacted by someone asking him what movie he got the picture for the cover of his book; a picture of police in full riot gear looking like a line of storm troopers waiting to attack the masses. Balco replied “this is an actual photo from the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida last year.”

Think about this my friends.


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