Wound up today.


MSM (Photo credit: fsgm)

Some of the things that have me wound up are shared below.

Stock market hits new highs; great news being broadcast a few days ago.

This begs the question great news for whom?

Did you know 82 percent of this stock market wealth is owned by top 5 percent of wealthy people in this country?

Breaking that fact down into numbers I can understand works like this..

One hundred people in a room are given a total of $100.00 to divide. Five of those people get an average of $16.40, the rest of us (the 95 percent) get an average of 19 cents each. Now when we ask one of the five with the money why do we get such a small amount? They reply with “well it is those folks in your group that are not contributing but just taking.” (The dreaded Takers). So we then follow Republican guidelines and throw out the Takers. How many takers? For want of discussion let’s say ½ are takers. This leaves the remaining 48 folks with a whopping 38 cents each.

This fallacy of the takers being the reason for our ever increasing fall into poverty has been foisted on us by the corporate controlled MSM for years now. Follow the link below for a detailed explanation of the corporate controlled MSM.

Turn on any channel and what do you hear? The tragedy that is Obamacare. More from the corporate controlled MSM, again the link displays this.

There are numerous links showing success in signing up for the ACA, do we see any of this?

In an effort to keep this short I will skip my additional concerns today.

I would like to thank Lesley for bringing this video to my attention. It is funny and mind boggling, take the time to watch it, you will be both amused and enlightened.

Link to video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R9oJZswV6Y

Enjoy the show.


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