Personal Memories day.

English: A mooring man putting a line on a bol...

English: A mooring man putting a line on a bollar during mooring operations in Rotterdam. Français : Un lamaneur plaçant une ligne sur une bitte, à Rotterdam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We all have memories, some good some bad. Walk with me if you wish while I share a couple of each.

First, a recent bad memory.

Lovely wife, her brother, his wife and I were spending a week at youngest daughter’s cabin on a small lake up near Tawas.

A few days in we decided to take the pontoon for a cruise around the lake. After calling Steve to find out how to start it, he had installed a battery lockout to avoid draining the battery during times of no use, I sat in the captains chair revved it up and backed off shore. A few seconds into ride Ellen said “Oh we are taking the dock with us.”

Damn! I was backing into lake without untying the mooring line to dock. I was really angry with myself for having pulled such a stupid tactic. Fortunately brother-in-law had enough strength to wrestle the dock back on shore. But with no help other than the ladies and myself re-setting the dock was out of the question. I called Steve and confessed to my blunder, he reacted as I had expected him to, he laughed. A bit later Tricia called me and told me not to worry about it, Steve and the boys would come up next weekend and if the dock hadn’t drifted off to parts unknown, they would sit it back on its posts. Truth be known, I was more angry than worried.

Now for a pleasant memory.

Fifty some years ago men were relegated to the waiting room during childbirth. Considering that today’s births are posted on youtube almost as they are taking place this sounds strange but that was the way it was. So, it was untold joy that I experienced after spending a night in the waiting room when, in the early morning sunshine I first laid eyes on our firstborn child. Words are not available to me that would describe the pride, happiness and love that I felt at that moment. A real live human was now a member of the world; a newborn baby girl with no preconceived notions or opinions on anything; Innocence at the purist level available to mankind.

And another bad.

It was 50 years ago today, I was working on a house I was building for myself and my family. A man working next door came over to me and said. “Hey, it just said on the radio that President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, he is dead.” Personally I was not a supporter of the President, but still found this to be saddening, hard to believe and disgusting.

And another good.

It was 54 years ago yesterday that lovely wife and I became husband and wife. I think Dean Martin does a fair job of telling our story in this video. Sorry about the commercial but that’s all I could find.

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