The War on Social Security

Social Security (play)

Social Security (play) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ere it is nearing Christmas and again we have a re-run of Bill O’Reilly’s annual “War on Christmas” diatribe. Seeing another opportunity to sweeten her pot, the opportunistic Sara Palin has joined in this enrichment ploy this year.  Well good for them, if they have circled in on a method to increase their personal wealth using fear and anger, tally ho I say to them.

But while we are talking about wars on… what say we discuss the war on Social Security?

Did you know there are two groups the “Business Roundtable” and “Fix the Debt” that are the driving forces behind Paul Ryan and his desire to cut Social Security?

Did you know the Business Roundtable group is made up of approximately 200 CEOs?

Did you know that these CEOs have an average retirement savings of $14.5 million?

Did you know that the top 10 of these CEOs will be receiving pensions in amounts ranging from $350,000 to $850,000 PER MONTH?

Is it any wonder that these groups see no need for Social Security and seek reductions in it?

Are we going to let these 200 people dictate how our government spends our tax dollars?

NO! This year rather than joining O’Reilly and Palin in their fictitious War on Christmas why don’t we all join together and fight the War on Social Security?


Snow flurries today and cold. Enjoy the day friends.


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