Saturday Night Chatter

United States

United States (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Smaller group last night and possibly some progress made?

We touched on almost every topic. Gay rights, Religion, Affordable Health Care and Mid-east policy.

Many topics in a short span of time so I don’t recall the exact sequence of discussion but, I do recall some highlights which I will share here.

I mentioned how I liked some of the stuff coming from Pope Francis and added how a guest on Bill Maher said “this is good but the American bishops have not followed the pope’s direction.” He gave an example of a bishop that had just professed anger over his state approving of gay marriage. The guest suggested that the bishop would be better off repairing his own flock rather than trying to change the behavior of others.

Another member of our group agreed and said “he knows of many that have left the Catholic Church and were now attending services at Lutheran churches.” This was followed by some light banter about various churches and their radicalism. The religious discussion ended when the third member of group said.

“What really bothers me is the fact that bishops can only move diagonally.” Think about it for a minute….

Got it? Checkmate 😉

The conversation continued with the same guy comparing cable tv to the affordable care act. His theory..

The government made us go to digital tv which for practical purposes requires some sort of paid provider; Cable, satellite or something like that. Adding insult to injury they do not allow us to pick and choose what channels/stations we want to buy; we have to take one of the packages offered.

He compared this to the government making us buy health insurance with no options.

This was corrected by the third gentleman who said “there are in fact 4 different options available for you to pick from.”

I then asked them “Why do you suppose the government wrote those laws?” The eye-opening answer from them was. “The lobbyists”

Great at least they have recognized the villain in this mess, now to get them in line to fight the correct villain.

IMHO both of these gentlemen feel the federal government is the enemy and Republicans are their only chance of having less government interference in their lives. They have not grasped the fact that these are corporate lobbyists that are writing these laws that do in fact interfere with our lives.

They have not connected the dots yet but there is hope.

One guy said there is no difference between communism and socialism. I told him both Sweden and Finland are socialist countries and they are reportedly the happiest people in the world.

I did also introduce them to ALEC of which at least one had never heard of.

There was much more but I am running long so will end it here.

Go Lions!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Chatter

  1. Larry, we have a digital TV in our living room, live 20 miles from the closest TV station and pick up about a dozen digital TV stations with rabbit ears, though only 9 of those come in good.lllllllllll


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