Diplomacy? MSM BS? and more.

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have just worked out a diplomatic deal with Iran. This is a start at stopping Iran’s work on getting a nuclear weapon. This deal has the war mongers all up in arms; (pun intended). The diplomatic solution has the support of many nations including both Russia and China. Benjamin Netanyahu one of Israel’s war mongers has expressed his dislike of this deal as have more than a few U.S. war mongers.

Using diplomacy versus using warfare would mean a negative impact on the military-industrial complex’s bottom line. Heaven forbid that the mighty military manufactures may see a drop in revenue; ever increasing profits are in fact, the corporate way of life. Collateral damage (dead people) be damned we want more money!

Imagine the tragedy if the world were to start settling their differences by talking them out rather than blowing the hell out of each other.

The MSM seems to have let this major accomplishment in international relations go by the wayside. They were still working on destroying the affordable care act and despite positive reports coming in on the program; they have not yet accepted the truth.

Not accepting the truth should come as no surprise after seeing how 60 minutes and Lara Logan issued such a timid response to their totally BS Benghazi report.

Interesting fact not disclosed by CBS, Logan’s husband was employed by the U.S. military in Iraq. His job was providing BS news reports to the Iraqi people to gain acceptance of our invasion.

May be time to send another email to CBS asking why Logan has not been fired yet, don’t you think?

Go here http://www.cbsnews.com/ scroll to bottom of page to send your request.

Sequester two on the horizon with massive budget cuts to WAR department on schedule. Stay tuned for further updates.



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