They’re Lucky They Got a Job

St Malachy. 14115 Fourteen Mile Road, Sterling...

St Malachy. 14115 Fourteen Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They’re Lucky They Got a Job

How many times have we all heard that phrase? Well I overheard it yesterday during a discussion at Thanksgiving dinner. The topic of shopping Thursday evening was being discussed one member of the group said she did not think it was a good thing. Thanksgiving is one day we should all spend with family and friends. It is a shame that the people have to work on this day. It was this comment that brought the “They’re lucky they got a job” reply.

I was not in the room at the time and did not get involved but, I am thinking it is a stupid statement in and of itself.

I do not think anyone is lucky they got a job; I think people have a job for a variety of reasons. They are qualified to do the job; they are willing to do the job for the pay received. And the employer hired them.

Luck has little or nothing to do with it.

Now you could say some are unlucky because they do not have a job; but this has qualifiers also.

One comment in the room I was in did get a reply. Someone said they use their Obama phones and call for help. I asked what the hell are Obama phones and are they real. Someone responded yes they are real they get them from the state. I replied “if they get them from the state they should be called Snyder phones. I am tired of everybody tying anything negative to Obama. Just like all this cancellation of insurance policies, Obama is not cancelling anyone’s insurance; it is the insurance companies that are cancelling peoples insurance.”

Then another member of the group said something about how good the pumpkin pie was. (Change topic now before this gets ugly.)

When I got home after the dinner I did a search on these Obama phones. What I found was interesting, these phones were started prior to Obama’s election. Here is a link that explains it in detail.

If you have the time you may want to join the people at the Walmart in Sterling Heights, Mi. ,  there will be a rally today (Friday) starting at noon.

Click here for map and more info.

No matter what you do, do it with vigor and have another great day! And way to go Lions!


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