The Millennials; Our Only Hope?

English: FDA poster warning against the use of...

English: FDA poster warning against the use of the Hoxsey method. Product of the Food and Drug Administration (U.S. government agency). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have read many times how the old white men who are the base of the Republican Party are dying off and this should give us hope for the future. I do not have faith in this theory; the number of men in their 40s and 50s that support tea party goals and efforts continues to shock me.

Just last night I had the pleasure of conversing with two men in this age group. Both are supporters of Republicans and share their thoughts and feelings freely. Of course one has to give them a break; they did grow up on a steady diet of Rush Limbaugh.

One of the men said “Our government is too big.” Unfortunately I had my coat on and was heading for the door when this comment was made; a missed opportunity for sure.

Had he said this earlier in the evening I would have asked him some of these questions.

What part of the government would you like to shrink?

Would you shrink the WAR department?

Would you shrink the FDA?

Would you shrink the FAA?

Would you shrink the SEC?

Would you shrink the HHS?

These are just a few of the departments our government spends money on to protect us from both invading forces and ourselves.

Come now all you young people and join us in getting a government that protects the people from the corporations rather than the current one that is protecting the corporations from the people.


4 thoughts on “The Millennials; Our Only Hope?

  1. I think I would have responded, “Too big for what?” I can understand “too big to lift, too big to wear, too big to afford,” etc., but “Our government is too big” assumes an unstated comparison. (It’s also probably something he heard on the Rush Limbaugh show).


    • You are right Lesley, the opportunities for expanded conversation are endless. Maybe, just maybe a bell would have gone off in this guys head if i had asked him expand on the phrase.


    • Amen that Notes, the big question is how are we going to reach the point of a complete overhaul? Both the tea party folks and the occupy movement recognized this need. The tea party was quickly co-opted by the one percenters and the occupy movement was decimated by the one percenters. Will it take rioting in the streets and/or anarchy? I am starting to think so.


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