Thoughts on Hunger Games and Last Man Standing

The Hunger Games (film)

The Hunger Games (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Movie, The Hunger Games… TV, Last Man Standing

In the past three days while conversing with younger people, (Republicans) the movie The Hunger Games came up. I do not know why it came up, perhaps because the sequel just opened here, but the discussion surprised me a bit.

When the movie was mentioned I asked the fellows if they had seen the movie. Both responded with “No, it is just a movie about kids killing kids, why would I want to see that.”

In giving my opinion I explained how the author wrote the book based on her thoughts upon seeing adults killing adults in Iraq and Afghanistan while we Americans sat comfortably in our Lazy Boys watching Dancing with the Stars. Also mentioning the kids were indeed killing kids but, they were doing it for the entertainment of the ruling class.

Today I sit here and wonder…. Where did they get that information? “Kids killing Kids”, they both had the exact same response; this cannot be coincidental.  Think about it.

Done thinking? 😉

Change channels to Last Man Standing on TV, starring Tim Allen. Show at first glance appears to be a re-run of Home Improvement, starring Tim Allen, only daughters versus sons this time. I have seen the show a couple of times and consider it funny and entertaining. I mentioned this to my daughter who said to me. “I didn’t think you would like it because he is a right-wing guy in the show.” I said “Yes I know he is but that is part of what I like, he is the modern-day Archie Bunker and he is displaying the buffoonery of the character. I am indeed laughing AT him, not with him.”


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