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Sig Sauer Pistols

Sig Sauer Pistols (Photo credit: ILMO JOE)

NRA Emergency Fund Raiser for Crimson Tide Fans

In light of the recent killing after an Alabama loss on the football field, the NRA knowing full well that the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun, has started an emergency fund raiser intended to arm all “good” fans of the Crimson tide.

In their goal of avoiding any sort of government control of firearms the NRA has decided to give these guns as gifts to anyone who declares himself/herself to be a “good” person showing a ticket to the game.

This will be an expensive task. The NRA has spent millions this year buying politicians, so they are asking for all “good” people to donate what they can.

Go to the website http://youarereallyadumbass.com to donate.

Link to Alabama shooting…


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4 thoughts on “On the road all day, late post

  1. Can some American – any American, please explain to me how they get away with this crap? Unfortunately, all to aware of the answer – could someone please explain why it is that millions of Americans with their heads screwed on straight don’t band together and say “oh hell no”. Holy crap – if America needs a place to start reform – start with the NRA! A non-profit tax exempt bunch of bullies whose time has come. Not elected, not paying taxes, and calling far too many “shots” than reasonable. It’s insane .


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