Pope Francis for President?

Sarah Palin t-shirt

Sarah Palin t-shirt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This may be the man who can stop us from a holy war in the United States similar to what is going on in the Mid-east right now. Sunnis and Shiites are having at it something fierce with bombs and guns.

Here is a man who follows the path of Jesus.* He feeds the poor, shows justice for all mankind and leaves judgments to the lord. While right-wing talking heads fan the flames of religious intolerance.

Both Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin have again ranted about their imaginary war on Christmas. With Palin expressing the joys that come from the commercialization of Christmas and O’Reilly expressing disgust with Macy’s use of the phrase holiday gifts in place of Christmas gifts, the war rages on.

The Pope being a knowledgeable man knows that the actual birthday of Jesus is unknown and the Christmas holiday was created centuries ago to steal the thunder from the Pagans and their winter solstice festival. He has expressed dislike of the crass commercialism being displayed.

Additional religious intolerance comes from Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Fox and Friends. Hasselbeck expressed concern about a YMCA in St. Paul, Minnesota that closed a pool to men so Muslim girls could be taught to swim and maintain their desire for modesty. Hasselbeck is worried that “Sharia law is now changing everything.”

This stirring of religious animosity by the talking heads on Fox does not sit well with Pope Francis, are they attempting to start a holy war in America in direct conflict with the love and peace expressed by Jesus?*

So what say you friends? Should we start a grassroots movement to draft the Pope?  😉

*note to John from Brazil, poetic license here to make a point. 🙂

Happy Holidays!


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